Friday, February 15, 2008

No Shot

.........Just to let you gals know that I did not get my shot today...... Once again we got almost half way up there and we ran into freezing rain and sleet...... and you DO NOT want to get caught in Oklahoma City in freezing rain and sleet....... It is a nightmare....... soooooooooo my DH being the Godly man that he is felt very uneasy about proceeding so we call the clinic and and asked when we could reschedule... I go again on Tuesday at 11:00...... By the time we found an exit on the expressway and turned around the ice was collection on the windshield........ so I trust my precious husband's attention to the voice of the Father.......... We came straight home and it is very very cold now and weather has Oklahoma City under Winter Storm Warning........ so there you have it.......... and we wait..........Spent a long time visiting with Jean this afternoon..... She is upbeat and funny as usual........ More worried about me and the weather......... The Jesus in her is so transparent..... she is one of those "just real" people..... I like that. Not too many people like that anymore..... It makes for some very funny moments...... ........ she talks with her hands... and they just go every which way......... I swear if you tied them down she could not talk... When I said goodbye she was looking forward to a baked potato with all the stuff......... God bless that baked potato..........



Anonymous said...

You were wise to turn back today. Just being able to be in Oklahoma is a blessing. I can relate to Jean and talking with her hands. I don't know that I could talk if someone stopped me.

Sharon Brumfield said...

Well you must be a drawer of people who talk with their hands. I am so bad that if you get to close and I get excited--I have been known to wop someone and not even mean it.
I guess I need to wear a warning sign--flying hands-beware! Hubby thinks it is funny. But that is me girl. See I am talking now and my hands are flying. ;)
Sorry you did not get your shot--but I guess God had other plans. Wouldn't it have been fun to have been sitting next to Him when He decided you needed to be turned around. What protection our Father gives us.

I am glad you got to spend time with Jean. Our waitress at the restaurant tonight was Jean.
Please tell her she has a bunch of sisters praying for her.
Love ya girl--snuggle in. Stay warm.

ops! almost forgot. I don't really know that much about getting rid of the white behind your header. But actually it just looks like it is highlighted. I thought you wanted it that way.

Chris said...

I'm sorry that you didn't get your shot, but glad glad glad that you and your sweetheart got out of those dangerous weather conditions. God has a plan...

I loved your note about Jean...I talk with my hands too! It sounds like she's a love..

Mary said...


I'm so glad that your hubby thought it best to turn back. Possibly the urging of the Father. It is so dangerous driving in those conditions. I will pray you are able to get your shot on Tuesday.

I'm glad you were able to spend some time with Jean. How is she doing? Possibly she needed you and that's why you were turned around. We never know what the Lord has in store, but as Sharon says that He gives us great protection.

Take care, my friend. I'm keeping you in my prayers.


Denise said...

Glad God kept you safe today, will be praying for your appointment on tuesday. Jean remains in my prayers, glad she is so upbeat. I love you.