Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

What's Love Got To Do With It?

Easter it is the culmination of everything that Christ lived to do. We that call ourselves Christians and name the name of Christ as savior and Lord believe that HE died and HE rose again on the third day. It is the core of our faith and the center of everything that springs hope in our hearts. HE died yet HE lives, just as this body of ours will die yet we will live.

Calvary, the beginning of a new dispensation. Dispensation of Grace replaces the dispensation of the law. We moved from sacrifice and law to freedom and grace. Calvary..... The focal point of our vision and the heartbeat of our faith. My spirit man sobs with joy when the reality of Calvary permeates into my soul. Calvary ----- Where life begins not ends.

Calvary the completed work of Christ. HE did the dying and HE tells us now to do the living. HE walked the path of obedience and HE freely hung on that cross. Calvary is not the end of the work that Christ came to do but the beginning. Calvary where the kingdom of God now comes to live on earth in the hearts of every believer...

Luk 17:21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

Calvary.. the promise of life and life more abundant. We all long for heaven but Christ says to us live now. We were reconciled back to the Father and all the goodness that HE brings with that reconciliation. Life NOW.........

Calvary is the gift of God to a lost and dying world that has no hope to live, let alone die. If you need a reason to live then Calvary provides that reason. If you need a reason to hope then that hope lies within that wooden cross on Golgotha. We needed a pathway in which to walk and Calvary leads the way. We look upon the cross that Jesus and rejoice in knowing that life as God sees it began on Calvary. We can approach the throne of God with boldness. HE came and died so that we might LIVE now and rejoice in that freedom that he bought.

Calvary, a place where God and man met. Calvary a force that tore the veil of the temple from the top to the bottom and gave us entrance into the throne room of God. Calvary is the spoken invitation for us to come and dine with the creator of the entire universe. Calvary says to the world of the lost and the dying that love conquers all things. Love handed Jesus to the crowd that day, love held Him on the cross. Love is why God turned His back and love is the reason that Jesus chose to stay suspended between heaven and earth.
Take time this Easter weekend to see the Kingdom of God in your life. Ask the Father to give you a greater awareness of the love that cost Him Jesus. Let us open our hearts to the love of God that will drive us to our knees and repent with many tears of the hardness of our hearts.

Embrace the life that was bought and paid for on Calvary and share that life with those around you. Touch a heart and a life and when we do we are bringing the Kingdom of God to one more life, to one more soul. We are telling the world that Calvary is life. Calvary is freedom from fear. Death has no hold and Heaven is ours. Thank your God that there are no boundaries when it comes to redeeming a soul.

What’s love got to do with it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Everything.
Girls have a blessed Easter weekend.. I will go over to see Jean tomorrow and again on Sunday. I want to sit and read her the story of Christ, the risen Savior.

Love you each and every one..

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We Finally Spoke About The Unspeakable....

I just go home from spending time with Jean. She grows weaker. There is considerable change from the last visit.
I shared with her about the last week of Christ.. So many interesting things about HIS last week. I have studied Monday and Tuesday but have not looked at Wednesday yet.
I was going to post them each day but days get away far too quick anymore.
As I sat and talked to her about the reason that Jesus went in and cleaned the temple of the money changers on Monday before HIS crucifixion, she sat wide eyed and listened just as she did many years ago while sitting under my teaching. I smiled as I would see her eyes light up when the truth hit her........

Anyway, back to Jean.

She now has no energy to cough to keep her lung clear. There were a couple of minutes today that I wondered if I were going to have to grab her up and call for help. I cried.
Today we spoke of the unspeakable things. The what if's. I asked her that if I do not see her again on this side, will she promise to be at the gate when I get home. I will want to see her. She cried.

I talked about her chimes that she hears. I shared with her that I believe that she is closer to heaven than she is to here and that made her smile. We both agree that she is moving daily toward the Father.. We both just smiled.

I may be out of line here but I have started praying that the Father God take her home on Easter Sunday! Now HE can do as HE pleases but what a day that would be.

She then asked me to help her daughter. An only child, bit of rebellion still at the age of 39 but she is lost. She has not yet given her heart to the Lord and Jean is grieved that she is having to leave her before she knows that she is going to be ok. I promised. We both cried.

I hugged her neck once and then again. I held her hand for a long time and told her again how I loved her. I cried and told her I was sorry that I was crying. She understood and then she cried again. I think it is not so much of her home going as it is missing her and hating to see her struggle so.,

As we sat and talked, things were going on in my spirit man and I have made some life decisions. I find that the Father God will move in just when we least expect it and HE will come through a door that we did not ever know was there. While sitting there listening to Jean, HE was doing a work in MY heart.

We talked about the victory that Easter brings and how I would miss her so.

I do not know is she will be here tomorrow. She cannot eat or drink. She is sleeping more and more. I pray that the Father will just let her sleep, and then wake up at home.

I have shared with her the gals here on the blog and she would have loved to been a blogging buddy with each of you. I am looking for a good picture of her.. I will post it for her home going...

She has the heart of a lion and the spirit of a dove. I pray that the Father take her home soon.

I will see her again....