Monday, July 27, 2009

Alive and Dancing!

Times of fear sweeping the nation and hearts of man failing them for fear. Freedom slipping from our fingers, sickness ravaging bodies of those we know and some that we so love. Families loosing everything, despair and grief and fear.. Not knowing of what lies tomorrow... We live, we go about our days.

We pray.

If like me you wonder sometimes is my heart seated and established with the Father? Spirit man loaded down with concerns of the world, life and the darkness that wants compass us. Hearing and listening hard for HIS tender whisper. Looking for signs which HE warns us against. It is in the heart of us buried deep within the man that has been brought alive with the VERY spirit that raised Christ Jesus from the dead.................

That is where HE lives.

The very spirit of my man has been brought ALIVE. Born again, not of corruptible but with the incorruptible. ALIVE in Christ Jesus. Seated in heavenly placed with HIM. Never to die, alive for eternity. Journey through this dark and dusty land, not citizens, just passing through.
God of heaven comes down!

Alive and dancing this morning as I feed my spirit man and give him words and music that causes him to rise above the shouts of the one that would load us down with fear, dancing so that my spirit man can be loosed to praise and worship the one that so loves us.

God, HE lives in the praises. God, HE lives in the dance! God HE lives and because HE lives we will live also! Promises coming to the surface while I dance, while I live........ Promises of peace and love and promises of HIM being with me always. Joy that overcomes the fear and the darkness that wants to steal our peace.

HE is God...

HE is Alpha and Omega.

HE has always been and there is non before HIM.

HE is the last word in this world and HE will have no end. HE is God and HE is all present and all powerful.

Who will we fear?

HE is God that loved us so much HE sent HIS ONLY begotten son just so that HE could give us a hug and walk in the cool of the evening once again. HE is God that created all but sacrificed HIS son to return us to the garden from whence we started.

HE is God, and when I begin to dance my spirit man moves within me and hears the food for his soul and he rejoices and when my spirit begins to worship, I begin to dance.

I am alive in Christ and I dance.

HE is God.


(did you know that I own a red tambourine?)