Monday, September 1, 2008

Bible Study

I am starting a Bible Study today with a few ladies............ You can go over to Sisters of Faith the next 90 days and read the comments. The name of the study is 90 Days with The One and Only, using the book by Beth Moore. I will be posting some comments and some small devotions as I go..........

Just wanted to stop in and update you on Mom...... We have not had her tested but I have been researching this demon disease and I find that sublingual Vitamin B 12 is doing good things for people with dementia and Alzheimer's. So I have started Mom on B12 and I am researching Brewers Yeast. Brewers Yeast is the best source of vitamin B 12.

My little grandmother (Mom's Mom) lived to be 99 and in very good health. She had a little side board in her kitchen and in the top drawer was many little bottles of vitamins and such. One of those bottles was brewers yeast. I remember her saying time and time again, "take your Brewers Yeast".............. I am thinking that she was a pretty smart little gal.

Ladies, remember to take your brewers yeast.

Be blessed