Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh Doesn"t That Just Make You Want To Dance

Every time I open my blog..................... I want to DANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya!

Friday, November 28, 2008


It is so early on Friday morning but wanted to just write a bit... Thanksgiving was wonderful, one of the best in a couple of years. I must confess to you that a few weeks back it was the last thing I wanted to do this year. In fact we were invited for Thanksgiving with many friends and cousins. The thought of not having to do all as I do every year was very appealing to me. It came down to Monday of this week and I just could not bring myself to do it. I knew early on that Dad would not go, I am sure that Mother would, but not Dad. I justified in my heart that we could bring him a plate latter in the day and then have coffee and pie with brother Paul and Alpha.

The Lord started dealing with my heart thus on Monday I started planning a small Thanksgiving dinner here with Mom and Dad and brother Paul and Alpha.

Dad is 91 and very very frail and getting more so each day and I have shared with you where we are with Mother, and Thanksgiving day was no exception, she was in another world.
I do not know how many Thanksgivings I will have with them, I do not know what tomorrow brings. I do not know why the other two siblings do not see what is right before their eyes, I do not know how hearts can get so clouded. But this I do know, it was a wonderful day with Mom and Dad and PE and Alpha and my sweet hubby.
I am thankful that I listened to the leading of the Lord, I am thankful for the tenderness of my husbands heart as he prayed over our meal and cried when he prayed for our friend Jean. I am thankful that my sweet brother Paul came in and had us all in gut laughter in less than a minute, and I am thankful for the wonderful casseroles and pies and potatoes that sweet Alpha brought in the door and helped to prepare the meal. I am thankful that the six of us sat at a small table looking across at each other, laughing and eating and laughing. It was a good day with sweet memories that I will have for many years.
It was Thanksgiving, and I give thanks to the Father for the precious gift of my Mom and Dad for this one more Thanksgiving..