Friday, March 13, 2009


They have put Mother in the hospital. Took her to the ER this morning.. Home health came out to see how she was doing and told us to get her to the ER. I am glad that she is where they can take good care of her. She was not getting better here at home.

I seem to be getting better and that is a good thing. I am still needing breathing treatments every 4 hours and they seem to be doing some good.

Dad came home yesterday and brother PE is over there cleaning their house and watching Dad. He got some help for Dad until Sunday so I should be able to help Dad by then. I also have a good friend that has offered to come in and help Monday......

Pray for Mother, she is very sick.

My mental state is better today , I had a melt down last week.... Just a bit much for me to handle on my own. I hope to be back blogging soon, but right now all I want to do is sleep.

Thanks for the prayers........ I know you are praying......

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Trusting In His Promise

Hey girls....... Just posting short note. I have had relapse and headed back to the Dr today. My brother PE came to the rescue and got me some help for the past two days and I have been able to stay at home. It has helped but Dad is coming home today and Mother is no better.

I have just finished 10 days of antibiotics and because I cannot swallow pills, I have been putting them in yogurt! Come to find out, I should not be eating or drinking any dairy product 2 hours before and 2 hours after this antibiotics or it will lessen the effect! Wonderful........... Why is that not on the label! So I am guessing that a second round is in order. I am just too tired to blog right now but wanted to check in...... I will catch up over the weekend........ Thanks for all the prayers and keep us on your list...... I am so praying that mother turns the corner here soon. I will need to call in some help for the weekend.

I am trusting in HIS promise ...........

Up date....

Me and Mom went back to the Dr today. New round of antibiotics for her and antibiotics for me with a cortisone shot. Mom and Dad are taking breathing treatments till Monday and then it is back to the Dr for me and her. Mercy! This is a nasty bug..... My older brother PE has come through for me again...... He is paying someone to stay with Mom and Dad till Sunday. I will have two more days that I can rest and see if this new antibiotics is going to help. Maybe I will feel like getting out on the blog tomorrow or Saturday and do some reading.
Hugs to all my sweet friends that have sent their prayers...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Mom At The ER

Just got Mom home from the ER. She has bronchitis and with a couple of little spots on her lower lobe in her lungs that COULD be the beginnings of pneumonia. She got to coughing and wheezing so I just took her on out to the hospital. Dr thinks that we caught hers in time.......... They gave her a breathing treatment and the little nurse gave her an antibiotic on an empty stomach so half way home mom is so sick at her stomach. Bless her heart........ She has had a bad day.
Soooooooo It is 12:30 and just getting home, mom is in bed and I am listening to her till she goes to sleep. Dad is still very sick in the hospital. The little nurse listened to my lungs and said I am all better, so that is good news...............

Going to take a long trip when I get these little people better........... a long trip!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Morning

Just a quick update...........

I seem to be better.. Slept all night last night for first night in 9 days.. That is a good thing.......... Mom is here with us as she cannot stay by herself. She is the most passive person I know (makes me wonder where in the world I came from) You put her in a chair with a good book and she never utters a word... Put her to bed about 10:00 and she slept like a baby. They keep their house so hot they do not sleep well, and our house is cool....... We keep it about 68 at night... Piled covers on her and she slept good.

Thank you for all the sweet emails and comments yesterday. I am relying on the Lord heavily right now. If it were not for my older brother Paul and his sweet wife Alpha things would be almost impossible. I can call him at the drop of a hat and he is here. The Lord knows that we need help and my Father God has given me a wonderful brother and SIL, Alpha. She is really not SIL, she is the sister I never had and she is a precious person to me.

Spoke to Dad last night and he is very sick and very afraid. Please pray for him. Dr said that his right lower lung is dark with pneumonia. I cannot go to the hospital to see him as I am still taking predispose and if you know anything about that it lowers your immune system. Have to stay away from all sickness if possible. PE and Alpha will go up there today sometime.

Again, thanks for the prayers and I will be back around next week. I have several post ready about the written word of God.

Love to you all and health to all those that are sick with the same thing. Heads up girls........... Jesus is our resting place.