Thursday, April 23, 2009

10 Years April 24th ------- WE MET ON THE INTERNET


Ten years ago today, April 24th........ I heard his voice, and when least expected, God moved. I had been single for 10 years with NO intentions of marrying again......... Been there done that! On April the 1st (April Fools Day) I had to close the doors on my business and file bankruptcy. I was broken. I had worked hard for years and it was not that I could not make money it was that there was just one of me. I was working 12-14 hours a day 7 days a week and I just could not stand under that stress....... I called the bank that had my loan and told them to come get it.. And come and get it they did....... On April Fool's day........... That did not help......,

It was the next day that I was walking in the park, not knowing what to do, no job, homeless (I was living in the back bedroom of a friend but now I had no way to pay her) Oh she was not kicking me out but she had nothing either. I was living on lettuce and fried chicken from Wal-Mart. hahahah now there is a diet. It would last me two or three days.

I digressed, it was the following day and I was walking the park, talking to my Father God. It was a time in my life that I was very close to HIM and could hear HIM speak. (I have lost some of that but that is for another day)

I remember exactly where I was when HE spoke. The park has a walking path and it is 1 1/2 miles around and there are several very pretty places along the path. There is this one spot that you cross over a little bridge with a very small creek flowing under. One of my favorite places along the path. I had been talking to the Lord about my life and what next...

My conversation to HIM was, "do I stay here or do I move to Tulsa where there is more opportunity for jobs?" Do I stay with Sharon or move back in with Mom and Dad in order for me to be able to keep my car for a few more months" I just need direction Lord, just need direction. It was then HE spoke and I was right in the middle of that little bridge. " I have someone for you " was HIS response.

Oh NO! I did not ask for a man was my response.......... How many of you out there know that HE does not argue with us........ Just the spoken word...... Then HE was silent.

The month of April was coming to an end and the only thing I had left from my business was my computer. My friend that I lived with worked nights so it was a good time for me to read and study and renew my spirit. I also during the month of April found a web site called One on One pen pal's for Christians........ I thought it looked pretty good so in I went. Not a chat room as I was afraid of those, but a web site with Christians that were visiting via email. No names or address or even email addresses..... You were assigned a number which kept you safe.

I had several gals that I was talking to and when I would get the guy emails I would just delete them. I did that many days before one day in my email box was an email from a man named Dennis.
I cannot tell you to this day why I did not delete that one but I am sure we all know, but I opened it and read........It was simple and well written and not a lot of "I love to take long walks in the rain kind of crap" Just who he was and what he did for a living and just stopping in to say hello. Well I answered that email............ Long story short........ It was my precious DH....... Dennis Walden.

After a few days of email we both logged onto a chat program called ICQ some of you might know of it , not even sure if it is still around. It was open chat not chat rooms and we began to talk...

Here are the first few days :

April 24, 1999......... I met my husband.

ICQ History Log For:
37192598 Dennis


4/24/99 5:01 PM

Hi Denise!
Just a quick note to let you know my ICQ # is
This is pretty neat ( I'm easily
Hope your trip to Tulsa was safe and you
enjoyed visiting with family.....Dennis

4/24/99 5:02 PM

good afternoon,,,, did not go to Tulsa,,,,


4/24/99 5:04 PM

Sorry you couldn' here is kinda bad
too.. just catching up on house
cleaning...thanks so much for the ICQ tip..I'm
trying to get my niece in Springfield setup


4/24/99 5:06 PM

wow did not take you long to download and get
started,,,,, I think that you will enjoy this
.... I have many friends around the
world,,,,,LOLO my list gets out of hand some
times and have to go through and delete those
that I have not heard from in a while...


4/24/99 5:10 PM

I can imagine...I'm still wading through all
the options and set up stuff.
Need to take a break and go get some
groceries; want to cook meatloaf
tonight, maybe rent a movie or got to Barnes &
Noble for awhile..


4/24/99 5:11

PM have a great day,,,,, and enjoy your evening


4/24/99 5:16 PM

and sometimes you get booted off of ICQ......:)


4/24/99 5:18 PM

Happens a lot here too! have a great
weekend there Denise.
I'ts nice that we've met and can share some
thoughts along the way..
I'm working tonite at midnite for a couple
hours; only time I can take down
the entire network for an upgrade..


4/24/99 5:18 PM :)

have great day,,,,,, :) God Bless

And the rest they say is history......... After visiting the rest of the month of April and all of the month of May, we met for the first time at the praying hands in Tulsa Oklahoma on May 29, 1999.

I got there first as he was driving from Wichita Kansas.

I sat under those hands for a very long time it seemed. Then I saw his truck (he told me what he was driving) pulling into the parking lot. My heart raced....
We spoke for just a minute and laughed at how nervous we both were and it was there standing beneath those hands towering over us that he asked me to marry him and gave me a ring.

He knew, he had waited all his life until God told him this is the one. He knew, he had heard from God. I knew.
That was 10 years ago today, and I can tell you that Dennis Walden was sent from God. I had lived in fear of my life for so many years and suffered through abuse for years and years, BUT I always knew that my Father God had a man for me that had his heart turned toward the Father.
God did......... His name is Dennis Walden.

We were married October 17th 1999 at the crystal chapel in Eureka springs Ark. There are not words .............. I will post about that in October...

See the little bench on the left hand side of the base...... That is where I was sitting...

When God moves there is no mistaking................HIS timing is perfect....... HIS voice is unmistakable if you are listening..... HE wants to give us direction , HE wants to give us life and life more abundant. HE loves us...... After many many years of heartache, abuse, dying dreams and a broken heart, HE took a keyboard stroke many hundred of miles away, over a thing called the Internet to give me the gift of Dennis....... I will spend eternity praising HIS name and living out unending years in the presence of the Father God and with my precious Dennis.

I have every one of the ICQ chats from April till October.... There are hundreds of them. I go back every once in a while and read them.. and cry....
They show a beautiful progression of two people becoming one. They are a priceless treasure......

Monday, April 20, 2009

She Dances...

I cannot see her very well.. She is in the distance.. She has beautiful blond hair that is natural. I have known her for years and she has never dyed her hair. She appears to be dancing! She doesn't dance, or I have just never seen her dance! What a joy to watch her. She is holding hands with an older man that appears to be so enjoying her company.

I think if I stare long enough it is her husband. He appears younger than I remember. There is an older couple sitting over on what appears to be a bench sitting by a lake. I wish I could see them a bit better, but my eyes are turned back to her. She is laughing like I have not seen her laugh in a long time and there she goes again dancing.

What a sight......

Over in the distance is a man moving closer to her and her husband, HE is very familiar to me but I cannot quite see HIS face. As HE moves closer to her I see her dancing cease and she begins to move closer to HIM. She is not distracted now by anything moving around her, she seems to have only one thing on her mind....... To reach this man that is oh so near her now. She reaches out to touch HIS face just as HE touches her arm. She is home, she is well.... She feels no more pain......... She has touched the face of God......... She is where we all long to be............

Jean......... I will miss you, but would never wish you back....

Jean Trobaugh----------

She touched the face of God about 9:37 p.m. April 20, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

We Remember.......... April 19, 1995

Seconds after a truck bomb of nitrite and fuel detonated next to the federal building, a gaping hole was blasted into its side. During that tragic attack on America's Heartland 168 people died.

Lives Lost because of hatred.......... We remember.

Love to you Oklahoma

Rescue Worker

  • Rebecca Needham Anderson, 37, Midwest City.

    Athenian Building (Job Corps)

  • Anita Christine Hightower, 27, Oklahoma City.

  • Kathryn Elizabeth Ridley, 24, Oklahoma City.

    Oklahoma Water Resources Board Building

  • Robert N. Chipman, 51, Edmond.

  • Trudy Jean Rigney, 31, Midwest City.


    Drug Enforcement Administration

  • Shelly D. Bland, 25, Tuttle.

  • Carrol June "Chip" Fields, 48, Guthrie.

  • Rona Linn Kuehner-Chafey, 35, Oklahoma City.

  • Carrie Ann Lenz, 26, of Chotaw and baby Michael James Lenz III.

  • Kenneth Glenn McCullough, 36, Edmond.

    U.S. Secret Service

  • Cynthia L. Brown, 26, Oklahoma City.

  • Donald Ray Leonard, 50, Edmond.

  • Mickey B. Maroney, 50, Oklahoma City.

  • Linda G. McKinney, 47, Oklahoma City.

  • Kathy Lynn Seidl, 39, Bethel.

  • Alan G. Whicher, 40, Edmond.

  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

  • Ted L. Allen, 48, Norman.

  • Peter R. Avillanoza, 56, Oklahoma City.

  • David Neil Burkett, 47, Oklahoma City.

  • Donald Earl Burns, Sr., 63, Oklahoma City.

  • Kimberly Kay Clark, 39, Oklahoma City.

  • Susan Jane Ferrell, 37, Oklahoma City.

  • Dr. George Michael Howard, D.V.M., 45, Vallejo, Calif.

  • Antonio "Tony" C. Reyes, 55, Edmond.

  • Lanny Lee David Scroggins, 46, Yukon.

  • Leora Lee Sells, 57, Oklahoma City.

  • Jules A. Valdez, 51, Edmond.

  • David Jack Walker, 54, Edmond.

  • Michael D. Weaver, 54, Edmond.

  • Frances "Fran" Ann Williams, 48, Oklahoma City.

  • Clarence Eugene Wilson, Sr. 49, Oklahoma.


    U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

  • Diane E. (Hollingsworth) Althouse, 45, Edmond.

  • Andrea Yvette Blanton, 33, Oklahoma City.

  • Kim R. Cousins, 33, Midwest City.

  • Diana Lynne Day, 38, Oklahoma City.

  • Castine Brooks Hearn Deveroux, 49, Oklahoma City.

  • Judy J. (Froh) Fisher, 45, Oklahoma City.

  • Linda Louise Florence, 43, Oklahoma City.

  • J. Colleen Guiles, 59, Oklahoma City.

  • Thompson Eugene "Gene" Hodges, Jr., 54, Norman.

  • Ann Kreymborg, 57, Oklahoma City.

  • Teresa Lea Taylor Lauderdale, 41, Shawnee.

  • Mary Leasure-Rentie, 39, Bethany.

  • Betsy J. (Beebe) McGonnell, 47, Norman.

  • Patricia Ann Nix, 47, Edmond.

  • Terry Smith Rees, 41, Midwest City.

  • John Thomas Stewart, 51, Oklahoma City.

  • John Karl Van Ess III, 67, Chickasha.

  • Jo Ann Whittenberg, 35, Oklahoma City.


    U.S. Marine Corps Recruiting

  • Sgt. Benjamin LaRanzo Davis, USMC, 29, Edmond.

  • Capt. Randolph A. Guzman, USMC, 28, Castro Valley, Calif.


    U.S. Department of Agriculture

  • Olen Burl Bloomer, 61, Moore.

  • James E. Boles, 50, Oklahoma City.

  • Dr. Margaret L. "Peggy" Clark, 42, Chickasha.

  • Richard (Dick) Cummins, 55, Mustang.

  • Doris "Adele" Higginbottom, 44, Oklahoma City.

  • Carole Sue Khalil, 50, Oklahoma City.

  • Rheta Bender Long, 60, Oklahoma City.

    U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

  • Paul Gregory Beatty Broxterman, 42, Edmond.

    U.S. Customs Office

  • Paul D. Ice, 42, Midwest City.

  • Claude Authur Medearis, S.S.A., 41, Norman.


    U.S. Department of Transportation/Federal Highway

  • Lucio Aleman, Jr., 33, Oklahoma City.

  • Mark Allen Bolte, 28, Oklahoma City.

  • Michael Carrillo, 44, Oklahoma City.

  • Larry James Jones, 46. Yukon

  • James K. Martin, 34, Oklahoma City.

  • Ronota Ann Newberry-Woodbridge, 31, Edmond.

  • Jerry Lee Parker, 45, Norman.

  • Michelle A. Reeder, 33, Oklahoma City.

  • Rick L. Tomlin, 46, Piedmont.

  • Johnny Allen Wade, 42, Edmond.

  • John A. Youngblood, 52, Yukon.

    U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion

  • Sgt. 1st Class Lola Bolden, U.S. Army, 40, Birmingham, Ala.

  • Karen Gist Carr, 32, Midwest City.

  • Peggy Louise Holland, 37, Oklahoma City.

  • John C. Moss III., 50, Oklahoma City.

  • Victoria "Vickey" L. Sohn, 36, Moore.

  • Dolores "Dee" Stratton, 51, Moore.

  • Kayla Marie Titsworth, 3 1/2, Lawton.

  • Wanda Lee Watkins, 49, Oklahoma City.


    Defense Security Service

  • Harley Richard Cottingham, 46, Oklahoma City.

  • Peter L. DeMaster, 44, Oklahoma City.

  • Norma "Jean" Johnson, 62, Oklahoma City.

  • Larry L. Turner, 42, Oklahoma City.

  • Robert G. Westberry, 57, Oklahoma City.

    Federal Employees Credit Union

  • Woodrow Clifford "Woody" Brady, 41, Oklahoma City.

  • Kimberly Ruth Burgess, 29, Oklahoma City.

  • Kathy A. Finley, 44, Yukon.

  • Jamie (Fialkowski) Genzer, 32, Wellston.

  • Sheila R. Gigger-Driver, 28, Oklahoma City and baby Gregory N. Driver II.

  • Linda Coleen Housley, 53, Oklahoma City.

  • Robbin Ann Huff, 37, Bethany and baby Amber Denise Huff.

  • Christi Yolanda Jenkins, 32, Edmond.

  • Alvin J. Justes, 54, Oklahoma City.

  • Valerie Jo Koelsch, 33, Oklahoma City.

  • Kathy Cagle Leinen, 47, Oklahoma ity.

  • Claudette (Duke) Meek, 43, Oklahoma City.

  • Frankie Ann Merrell, 23, Oklahoma City.

  • Jill Diane Randolph, 27, Oklahoma City.

  • Claudine Ritter, 48, Oklahoma City.

  • Christy Rosas, 22, Moore.

  • Sonja Lynn Sanders, 27, Moore.

  • Karan Howell Shepherd, 27, Moore.

  • Victoria Jeanette Texter, 37, Oklahoma City.

  • Virginia M. Thompson, 56, El Reno.

  • Tresia Jo "Mathes" Worton, 28, Oklahoma City.


    America's Kids Child Development Center

  • Miss Baylee Almon, 1, Oklahoma City.

  • Danielle Nicole Bell, 15 months, Oklahoma City.

  • Zachary Taylor Chavez, 3, Oklahoma City.

  • Dana LeAnne Cooper, 24, Moore.

  • Anthony Christopher Cooper II, 2, Moore.

  • Antonio Ansara Cooper, Jr., 6 months, Midwest City.

  • Aaron M. Coverdale, 5 1/2, Oklahoma City.

  • Elijah S. Coverdale, 2 1/2, Oklahoma City.

  • Jaci Rae Coyne, 14 months, Moore.

  • Brenda Faye Daniels, 42, Oklahoma City.

  • Taylor Santoi Eaves, 8 months, Midwest City.

  • Tevin D'Aundrae Garrett, 16 months, Midwest City.

  • Kevin "Lee" Gottshall II, 6 months, Norman.

  • Wanda Lee Howell, 34, Spencer.

  • Blake Ryan Kennedy, 1 1/2, Amber.

  • Dominique Ravae (Johnson)-London, 2, Oklahoma City.

  • Chase Dalton Smith, 3, Oklahoma City.

  • Colton Wade Smith, 2, Oklahoma City.


  • Scott D. Williams, 24, Tuttle.


    Social Security Administration

  • Teresa Antionette Alexander, 33, Oklahoma City.

  • Richard A. Allen, 46, Oklahoma City

  • Pamela Cleveland Argo, 36, Oklahoma City.

  • Saundra G. "Sandy" Avery, 34, Midwest City.

  • Calvin Battle, 62, Oklahoma City.

  • Peola Battle, 56, Oklahoma City.

  • Oleta C. Biddy, 54, Tuttle.

  • Casandra Kay Booker, 25, Oklahoma City.

  • Carol Louise Bowers, 53, Yukon.

  • Peachlyn Bradley, 3, Oklahoma City.

  • Gabreon D.L. Bruce, 3 months, Oklahoma City.

  • Katherine Louise Cregan, 60, Oklahoma City.

  • Ashley Megan Eckles, 4, Guthrie.

  • Don Fritzler, 64, Oklahoma City.

  • Mary Anne Fritzler, 57, Oklahoma City.

  • Laura Jane Garrison, 61, Oklahoma City.

  • Margaret Betterton Goodson, 54, Oklahoma City.

  • Ethel L. Griffin, 55, Edmond.

  • Cheryl E. Hammon, 44, Oklahoma City.

  • Ronald Vernon Harding, Sr., 55, Oklahoma City.

  • Thomas Lynn Hawthorne, Sr., 52, Choctaw.

  • Dr. Charles E. Hurlburt, 73, Oklahoma City.

  • Jean Nutting Hurlburt, 67, Oklahoma City.

  • Raymond "Lee" Johnson, 59, Oklahoma City.

  • LaKesha Richardson Levy, 21, Midwest City.

  • Aurelia Donna Luster, 43, Guthrie.

  • Robert Lee Luster, Jr., 45, Guthrie.

  • Rev. Gilbert X. Martinez, 35, Oklahoma City.

  • Cartney J. McRaven, 19, Midwest City.

  • Derwin W. Miller, 27, Oklahoma City.

  • Eula Leigh Mitchell, 64, Oklahoma City.

  • Emilio Tapia, 50, Oklahoma ity.

  • Charlotte Andrea Lewis Thomas, 43, Oklahoma City.

  • Michael George Thompson, 47, Yukon.

  • LaRue A. Treanor, 55, Guthrie.

  • Luther H. Treanor, 61, Guthrie.

  • Robert N. Walker, Jr., 52, Oklahoma City.

  • Julie Marie Welch, 23, Oklahoma City.

  • W. Stephen Williams, 42, Cashion.

  • Sharon Louise Wood-Chesnut, 47, Oklahoma City.

    General Services Administration

  • Steven Douglas Curry, 44, Norman.

  • Michael L. Loudenslager, 48, Harrah.