Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Always Knew I Was Blooming!

You Are Blooming Flowers

You are an optimistic person by nature. In even the darkest times, you are hopeful about the future.

You feel truly blessed in life and can sometimes be overwhelmed with emotions.

You have an artist's eye. You are always looking for beauty in the mundane.

You have a good sense of aesthetics, especially when it comes to shapes and color.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Friend Jean

This is the river Jordan..........

This is someone being baptized in the river Jordan... My friend Jean will soon cross over the river Jordan and be baptized into life.......

Some of you were reading my blog back when I told you about my friend Jean. She has fought a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer. I have not been over to see her in many weeks now due to my illness and Mom and Dad being in the hospital. I spoke with her today and she will soon see the Christ face to face.

Four and a half years ago they gave her two years to live. She has fought and prayed and laughed and cried during this past years. Her sweet husband died suddenly a year ago and it was such a shock to everyone. Thus she has been alone to fight this fight for over a year now. They can do no more treatments and Hospice has come in and morphine is being administer daily. She can only drink two ensures a day and her precious earthly body if failing.
I will go see her tomorrow and read to her from the bible. Jean and I have been friends for over 30 years now and I was blessed to be a pastor of a church many years ago when she and her husband Nelson were baptized.

I will cry tomorrow to see her fading away but I will remember what the Holy Spirit spoke to my spirit man just days ago........... though the outward man perish, the inner spirit is renewed daily.

I just do not know what to say to her......... I will miss her so.......... She is the most gracious person I have ever met. She talks with her hands and we have laughed and laughed about that over the years. She never, never has one bad thing to say about any other living thing. She has loved and has loved out of a pure heart all the years that I have known her.

Say a prayer for Jean. I feel in my spirit that she will be flying away from this painful body very soon.

Love you girls!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


As income tax time approaches, did you ever notice: When you put the two words 'The' and 'IRS' together, it spells


Just a little something to brighten your day!

Gooooooooooooooooood Morning!

Hey sisters! ............. I am here......... Things are looking up here at the Walden Funny Farm............... Mom is great! Dad is dad! ha! I am better....... Have had migraine for 3 days but I think it is on its way out........... I have not had migraine in 3 or 4 years now...... They are stress induced!


BUT!!!!!!!!!!!! I am well enough to laugh! Just wanted to let you know I am here and I am going to get out and read today! We have dark skies and thunder boomers and rain, just the kind of day to pile up in my comfy chair and read your blog and say hello!

I found this in my email this morning and HAD to share!

Think of the Father as a spring of life begetting the Son like a river and the Holy Ghost like a sea, for the spring and the river and the sea are all one nature. Think of the Father as a root, of the Son as a branch, and of the Spirit as a fruit, for the substance in these three is one. The Father is a sun with the Son as rays and the Holy Ghost as heat. The Holy Trinity transcends by far every similitude and figure. So, when you hear of an offspring of the Father, do not think of a corporeal offspring. And when you hear that there is a Word, do not suppose him to be a corporeal word. And when you hear of the Spirit of God, do not think of wind and breath. Rather, hold your persuasion with a simple faith alone. For the concept of the Creator is arrived at by analogy from his creatures.

John of Damascus