Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Son Day Christopher

As a mother of two sons, I am painfully aware of the many mistakes that I made while they were growing up. I made bad life choices that affected them as they grew up and I guess will affect them their entire life. If I could go back and change those mistakes, I would do it, but I cannot. I have gone to each of the boys in the past few years and asked for their forgiveness, and if they would please find it in their hearts to forgive the mistakes that not only caused me many years of grief, it also cause them heartache and regrets as well.
My oldest son has not yet found his way to forgivness and I pray that the Lord softens his heart one of these days…
My youngest son Chris lives here in Ada, and we are very close, and for that I am very grateful. He is the topic for this letter.

He appears on the outside to those looking on to be tough and unemotional, but I know the real person on the inside. He is a very forgiving person, tender hearted and he is all that a mother could ever wish for. He never fails to surprise me with the little helpful things and a simple thank you or maybe a home cooked meal is all that is required in return. Although he is 37 years old and has a busy busy life, he never fails to let me know that he is near, and is only a call away if I need him.
I guess what I want to say is ‘thank you’ Christopher for being you. Thank you for love that you give with out condition. Thank you for the forgiveness that you so freely gave. I know that someday some lucky gal will see beneath the tough and rough exterior and see the man that I call my son. You truly make my Mothers Day a special day.
I encourage anyone that has not spent time with his or her son or daughter, make time. Life is all about those that we love,,,,,,, When it is all said and done,,, what will be most important is the love ones in our lives….