Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hurry !

Ok Ladies.......... I have NOT forgot.............. If you have not left a comment on the post OOPS & You Tell Me.. you had better do so.... I am about finished with the gift that I am going to give away and you DO not want to miss having your name in the pot!

We are tearing out a wall this weekend in my kitchen and I have to move a pantry full of food and stuff before then (the pantry is in the wall that we are tearing out) ........ That means that I have to clean out the cabinets that I have to make room for more ! YUCK ! Soooooooooooo pray for me! hahahahha I promise to take pictures...

Sooooooo I will be gone the rest of the week and the weekend and will be showing you the gift and the new blog for my primitives and drawing a name on Monday! All you need to do is make a guess and your name goes in my pot!

Have a blessed day and rest of the week and remember! GOD's perfect plan may not look perfect to us.......... BUT HE is in control and HE knows what HE is doing........ Keep your eyes focused on the SON.........

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Is This Cute Or What!

I have been in a blogger sway for a couple of months now and I am terrible at taking pictures of my gifts, so I am turning over a new leaf and going to try and snap the cute things that arrive at my door step! This is from Michele over at Country Vintage and she did soooooooooooo good. The too cute little pumpkin candle holders, the two finger towels on each side of the basket with the oven mitt in the middle... there is the black fan pull right in the center that I have hung in my bedroom . I never could reach that fan pull until now .. and that black is pretty sexy in my bedroom (blush). There is a little pumpkin ornie in the middle of the picture and a pumpkin candle right in the front! There was a candy bar in there somewhere but it never made it to the picture. Both my son and hubby were standing by........ does that tell you anything?
This box has a bit of a history... It had the wrong county road on the address and it went to some sweet lady here in town. She does not know me, but Michele had her phone number on the return address. This sweet lady called Michele and inquired as to who this box belonged to....... Now I do not know about you but I do not believe that would have been the case with too many people. I am sorry to say that honesty in this world today is a rare thing. My son being in law enforcement took the wrong address and found her house and then found her small beauty shop here in town. She was very kind says my son and was happy that it was going to come to the right home. Soooooooooooo this is what I am going to do........ Make her something and take to her......... that is the thing to do...... Give and it shall be given......... I will take a picture of some things that I am doing and will show you I hope tomorrow.......... soooooooooo take a look at this sweet box of goodies and have a great week!