Monday, June 2, 2008

A Present Day Nehemiah

I am sitting here tonight reading about Nehemiah and the building of the wall............ As I read about how the people worked with one hand on the trowel and the other on their sword it brought to mind the many brothers and sisters in Christ that are spreading the gospel in unfriendly places........Such as a friend of mine in India.......... We are not promised an easy road on this path of Christ, but we are promised that He will walk with us.............. I am blessed to live in a country with no persecution (yet) and I sometimes think that the American people are soft and could not withstand the trials that others endure.............. I pray for those tonight such as my friend Chris as he takes the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of India. With one hand he offers them the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and with the other hand he defends the onslaught of those that would hinder his work for Christ....He is a present day Nehemiah................ I will lift him up to the Father each day................ I can do that for him................. and that is all powerful in itself........................

Neh 4:17 They which builded on the wall, and they that bare burdens, with those that laded, [every one] with one of his hands wrought in the work, and with the other [hand] held a weapon.
Pray for our brother in Christ as he ministers life to those in India..
I have a wonderful story to tell the ladies that read my blog...... I am putting it together this week and will post this weekend.. It is a beautiful answer to my prayer from many years ago and my prayers today........God is a mover of mountains and just when you think that your time for work in the kingdom of God has passed He opens another door...
In Christ


MelanieJoy said...

Can't wait to hear about the prayer He has answered for you my friend. I will join you in prayer for your friend in India. My cousin and his family are missionaries in central Asia. Your post reminds me yet again of them tonight.

valerie said...

I'll be looking forward to your post.
Yes, I need to pray more for those ministering in foreign countries.
About my's needed some serious work for a while and I am more than glad that it'll hopefully get all done while I'm gone to camp.
Hubby has a good friend who is supposed to be coming to help. One that he helps all the time, so that'll be good.
I'll take after pictures. :)
Talk to ya later.

Angie said...

I saw several missionaries at church tonight...and I just have to wonder what they are about to walk into with the world situation becoming more and more---unstable. Rapture ready is all I can say. I loved this post. This is a great passage. I have been digging in I Kings 22:13-28---where Micaiah prophecied truth--but the king of Israel didn't want to hear it...hmmm...speaks similar of some today---
Denise---I got my shirt today! Perfect!!! Thank you.
You are a blessing.

Denise said...

This was really powerful. I am looking forward to seeing how God answered your prayer.

MYSTI said...

I am very much looking forward to your post this weekend.

Your post now though is very true. I know several people who minister to those in several very dangerous places all over the world. They do need prayer, and i am just so glad that the Lord is with them as they walk this path in ministry.


Mary said...


God truly does close and open doors for us.

Enjoyed hearing about your friend in India. I will be praying.

Love and blessings,

'Tart said...

Thank you for this reminder to pray for our missionaries.

I am looking forward to your post Denise, and thank you so much for coming by my blog. It meant so much that I printed your comment for myself, Your honesty means so much.

Sharon Brumfield said...

Hey glad to hear that God is moving things in your life.
Looking forward to hearing what He is doing....what you are so excited about.
Thanks for the reminder to pray for those serving God on the mission field.
Love ya!

Linda said...

Enjoyed hearing about your friend Chris and pray for his safety.

I'm so looking forward to your story you'll be sharing. You have such wonderful posts and I know this will awesome and inspiring. Hugs, your friend Linda said...

I can hardly wait to hear of the doors that were opened for you!!
Good post, too! love and hugs Grams

Sharon said...

I have missionaries written permanently in my prayer list.
You are right about Americans being too soft. I pray that Christians everywhere are able to stand with Christ Jesus as persecutions seem to rise around the world.
Looking forward to reading about your answered prayer!!

Chris said...

Dear Denise,
A great message and a promise of an amazing story. Thank you~!

Mississippi Songbird said...

I will pray more too.. God Bless you.. Will be looking forward to your posts...
Bunches of hugs....

Angie said...

Denise---I look forward to reading it! God is a mountain mover! A way maker--and life changer!

Katie's Blog said...

I wish I had faith. I lost it somewhere.

Sharon Brumfield said...

Good morning to you on this Lords day!
The day is beautiful here in TX---and I am getting excited about the things coming up this week. I feel so much more at peace than in times past.
Tonight I have to speak in front of the adults....I thought I would be more nervous but I am not. I will be glad when Mom and Dad get in later tonight.
Praying that you hear His voice loud and clear today. That your heart is overwhelmed with His love and the very presence of His mighty power.
Be the moon! (reflect His light in a dark world)
Love ya girl