Thursday, November 1, 2007

This is the Day ..............

That the Lord has made......

…..Well it was a better day today and I did not wake up crying. Mom and Dad were doing well this morning and it was good to see them up and around and actually enjoying the morning.

......I have met a lot of new friends here and I will tell you girls it does help.

.... Now let me tell you a funny story...... for in laughter is great healing.... I was taking myself a short break and sitting in my rocking chair looking out the window at the fall colors sometime around 2:00... We live on 10 acres and even though the neighborhood is growing we are still far enough out of town for it to be soooooooooooo peaceful. There is a road that passes the front of my house that is not too busy but there is several cars and trucks that travel this way throughout the day. Anyway, I was sitting musing about the fall colors and how I love this time of year when right before my eyes passed my 88 year old Mother with her new walker (I got them the new fang dangled ones with the wheels and the breaks with the seat in case they get tired) headed south bound right past my house. I had been talking to her about getting out more and getting those knees of her working better. I had no idea that she would choose today to take that hike, but there she was, just as pretty as a picture………… I had to laugh and then quickly grabbed my jacket and headed out the door. Now Mother is a bit hard headed and trying to get her to move closer to the edge of the road was futile, so I kept an eye on the possible traffic and she had her head down and was moving on down the highway…………. Lol…… I am thankful that she is feeling well enough to test out her new wheels………. It was a light moment in the day and one that I do cherish. I did however put a little bug in my Dad’s ear to give me heads up next time…..

….. So ends another day in the life of little Helen and Paul…….. I am thankful that it was a good day and I will keep the memory of little Helen moving on down the road as the days and weeks bring with them their own triumphs and struggles.


Anonymous said...

Your description from your rocking chair sounds so inviting. It reminds me of the view from my own front porch back home in NC. How long of a drive did your mom end up taking when all was said and done? What made me laugh is picturing you trying to get her to stay closer to the shoulder and her waving you off so to speak.

Sandra said...

That sounds like Grandma. Thank you for all that you are doing for them. I know it must get hard and some days are worse than others. When we were considering taking care of David's mom before she died, this was my biggest worry. It can take so much out of a person, but it will all be worth it. You will have so many beautiful memories.

in love with HIM said...
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Mary said...

I love your rocking chair. They can soothe the soul.

It's awesome that your mother came to see you with her new walker. You and Dennis will be blessed for taking care of your parents. I hope they both continue to do well.

I am going to add you to my blogroll. I always enjoy your visits and do want to keep up with what is happening in your life.