Sunday, November 4, 2007

Yellow Mums

I have a fall display sitting in my front yard with three gigantic yellow mums that I purchased from a local flower shop. Those mums must be 4 feet in diameter.... What a sight sitting here early morning as the sun bounced off the top of those mums.....My husband of 8 years and I are sitting here at the dinning room table enjoying a quiet moment with a cup of coffee. The silence is so peaceful with only the occasional comment from him regarding some story he reads in the newspaper. The is the type of morning that I can sit and reflect on the goodness of God...

.... My soul is at such peace and my life has meaning. Taking care of my folks is bitter sweet, it is such a gift to have them out here and able to see them every day. However watching them grow older and more dependant is heartbreaking. There are special moments that I will treasure forever. Dad and I have moments that we sit and visit on his nice new deck and laugh about one thing or another. We have serious moments that we discuss family issues that cannot be corrected. All those times with Dad are priceless and I am thankful that God has giving me this time with my parents. I am the oldest daughter and I traveled a lot in my earlier years and missed out of many years of their lives......
......Eight years ago this October God gave me the gift of Dennis... I was already 52 years old and had pretty much given up on ever marrying again. God gave me Dennis on April 24th 1999 right out of the clear blue....... and my life has never been the same. After years of being in very abusive marriages I had just given up on marriage and had settled in my heart to be a single women the remainder of my life.
.... My Father God has such love for his children and He gives gifts just as our natural Father will give gifts. Since our marriage in 1999, I understand the meaning of "one flesh" for Dennis and I are truly one flesh. I would have rather found him a bit earlier in my life but my Father God has perfect timing. I said all that to say this, because of the love that my husband has for me I am in a place to care for my parents.
... I am a graphic artist by trade and I do custom graphic, screen printing and embroidery. My husband converted our two car garage into a beautiful little shop where I only need to step out my kitchen door to go to work. It is the perfect situation for working and caring for my Mom and Dad........... What a God we serve.....
... I will quit with the on and on and wish you each blessing on this beautiful Sunday.


Edge of Design said...

What a beautiful love story and an even more beautiful testimony to the Love of God. I am very happy for you.

Mary said...


A lovely post. Yes, their is a time for every purpose unto heaven and your Dennis was meant to be in your life now. What a great testimony to our Father.

May you continue to be blessed abundantly.

Katt said...
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Mary said...


Thanks so much for posting the lovely and kind words on my depression. I don't suffer from it now like I used to. The enemy does try to rear his ugly head once in a while, but that is the time I let The Light shine.

I am also a giver. My greatest joy is to give to others. With that said, I'm leaving you a little something at my blog. Look for it in the upper right hand corner.

Now, back to work.


Mary said...


I can help you put the award on your site.

Go to your blog and look up in the right hand corner. You will see "Customize." Click there.

When the page loads, you will see a page where you can add all kinds of things to your site. On the right you will see, "Add a Page Element." Click there.

A page will pop up and you will see a list of things that you can do. Third down on the left is "Picture." Click on the blue "Add to blog" feature.

I'm not sure if you have saved the award to your computer. If not, go to my blog and do so. You do this by right clicking on the award and saving it to your computer.

Then in the page element feature, you click "Browse" and add the picture.

Click "Save" and the picture will save. When the page goes down, look up to the right and click "Save" again. Then check your blog and the award should be there.

If you have problems, just to go my blog, check out my profile and send me an email. I will be able to assist you until the award is on your blog.

You have shone your light on my life today.


Old Folks Blog said...

I went into your blog and read it,was very touching and really meant a lot to me as I read your comments about mother and I.
Y know we are getting to the point,where we need more and more help and it frustrates me,because I was always pretty independent and needed very little if any help,for years.
We are very blessed to have those that care and help as you and Dennis do.It is hard for me to admitt that I am at that stage in life and it gets me down more than you realize.
Not to be able to just decide to make a run to Roff or even just go for a short ride or skip off to the Blue Moon like we use too,really gets to me.
It is a big change in our lives and is going to take time to get use to.But as I said in the begining,we are really blessed to have those that care.
Love you all,with all my heart.
God Bless,