Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Soy What!


Ok, here is the skinny (no pun intended) on the soy.......... Doc. said that he has never heard of soy problems with thyroid, but that there are some people with allergies to soy as with any other product. Also if I take my Levoxyl, thyroid medicine and then eat one of the meals too soon (3 hours or less) the levoxyl can be absorbed into the food and not the blood stream where it goes to help my thyroid.......Thus my T levels are low and my hair fall out! Go figure.
Solution !!!!! Do not eat one of the high soy meals for 3 hours after taking my Levoxyl.......... Now...... does that make sense to you? Did to me so I can get skinny and be like Twiggy (do any of you remember her) and have hair......... At least that is the plan......... sooooooooooo after selling most of my diet items on EBay, I need to turn around and order more......... Don't you just love life........

The lab from the Dr's appointment for my back that I had last week have lost all the paper work and the blood samples!!!!!!!!! How do you do that.... So after looking for them for a week we opted (the nurse and myself) to redo the test........ So it was the right arm at the Endocrinologist and one little tube of blood and then across town , and three little tubes from the left arm..... I think I deserved a lollipop!!!!!!! But we had Chinese food instead! (I said that I would resume the diet TOMORROW )

Home again and dinner over to the folks with Mom's medicine and then back to the easy chairs........ Seems that driving will poop you out faster than anything..... it is almost a 3 hour trip one way..... Makes for a long day.........However, they are all wonderful Dr's that we have found in the City and each of them are very kind and knowledgeable, it is worth the drive............
Now it is time to watch the St Louis Cardinals whip up on the NYM's
I love baseball!!!!!!!!!!
I am the only one in my family that watches baseball, out of two brothers and a dad..... (except for golf, Dad and Alpha watches golf, YUCK ! )
I grew up in a house that I was the only one that watched the worlds series. Love it.........
So.......... I am going to blog off and on and watch the game........

Long weekend coming, so not sure if I will blog again or not until after the 4th but please come back and take a look.............. Monday July 7th......... a surprise!!!!!!! And a give-away you do not want to miss!!!!


Joyce said...

That is a subject filled with heartache and rejection.....I hope all will go well with you as you speak/write on it.
I love England. HA! Wish I could have lived there.....maybe one day. When I am .....never mind. HA!
See ya!
Glad that all is well with your body.

Denise said...

Saying prayers for you, and sending you love my friend.

Tracy said...

I to have thyroid problems and understand fully the frustration it brings! Enjoy your baseball game. I grew up with a Mom who loved the Red Sox! Lol Have a wonderful 4th.

Thank you also for all your prayers and support Denise. :)

If you get a chance come vote on your favorite paintings! I am leaving it up until monday. Then I will be able to go to the print shop!

Hugs and blessings sent your way!

Linda said...

Denise..we had Chinese too:)! I watched a movie this afternoon and they had Chinese food....so that started my craving. Went to our favorite little restaurant and it was so good.
Hope your mom is doing well and you take care too. Hugs, Linda

Mimi said...

sorry about the soy and thyroid medication not mixing well...

enjoy your Cardinals game!!!

MelanieJoy said...

Hey Girl,
I'm so glad you were able to figure out the problems with the soy and medication. I hope that you are feeling well today. So glad you were able to get out and work in you yard last weekend. I hope you guys have a Wonderful Fourth!!!

SweetAnnee said...

Denise the HBO series
of John Adams is out
on video now..
My hubby read it also.
tell your hubby the
movie is true to the book.

I hope all goes goes will with
you and I'll be praying.
Love ya

SweetAnnee said...

we're Cubs fans!!