Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Help Me Pray

........ Such a busy day yesterday and this morning I am pretty tired... I have much to say but need to be up and around again this morning.. Just thought I would stop in and ask for prayer for my younger son Chris....... I cannot write here in the blog the need but God knows the need...... I know that there are praying women out there and if you would just mention his name to the Father I would so appreciate it....... Today I will fast and pray and if you will pray I will watch to see the Father move in Christopher's life....... It is not his health, it concerns another situation that will effect his entire future..... I have prayed about this for several years now and I have seen God move....... but here we are again and this time I need reinforcements...... I will say thank you in advance and I will let you know the minute that God answers.........For you see........ God will answer......

.... I think it was sometime last summer that I stood here in my kitchen and asked the Father to send me a friend... I was in need of a friend and had no idea how He would answer.. We live in the country with very few people around and all of the ladies work except one and she leaves everyday to care for her elderly father... So with Mom and Dad out here and working at home , the circle of my life all of a sudden got very small... Then.... my Hubby said one day,, you need to learn about blogging... and I did .. and here you are... Who says that our God is not current with the times........ You were here all along, He answered before I prayed........ He was just waiting for me to learn to blog.......... How wonderful is that........

Matthew 6:8 Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.


PEA said...

Dearest Denise,

I will certainly add Chris to my prayers...that's what friends are for:-) Like you, I was feeling very lonely before I discovered blogging and now my heart is so full with all the friendships I've made through it, I truly don't know what I ever did without all of you before! We are all here for each other and that means everything to me. xox

MelanieJoy said...

Hey Denise,

Our God is pretty amazing isn't He...
I'll have Chris in my prayers. I'll have you in my prayers as well. I'm glad He has crossed our paths...

Denise said...

My sweet friend, I am lifting Chris up in my prayers. God will hear, and He will answer.

IsabellaCloset said...

Hello Denise, I am working on your banner. Could you please send me your email address. Thank you, ~Mary~ IsabellasCloset@aol.com

Sharon said...

I would be honored to pray for your son.
God know and He is mighty and powerful.
I pray that God's will will be done in his life as it has already been planned in heaven.

I so understand what you mean about the blogging world.
My life went from very busy--before Paw Paw and other events to ---nothing. God brought to a stop all my activities at church--women's bible study, Sunday school etc.
And then He brought me here. He introduced me to so many women that I would have never met other wise--until heaven that is. :)
He is so good.

Julie said...

Some of my dearest friends God brought to me through the internet.
I am a member of a forum for Captivating alumni (women who have attended the Captivating retreat). At a time when I had NO friends God opened up dear heart sisters through that forum, living all across the country. They have walked some difficult roads with me. It has been amazing.

PS. I am new to blogging.
My blog is: jewelzsightings.blogspot.com

Dee said...

Praying for Chris. ((( hugs ))) Yes, blogging has opened my world too, and I've met so many wonderful people! D

Mary said...


I am so sorry that there is a situation with Chris. He will certainly be in my prayers and God does know his needs.

I'm so glad that we met through blogging and I thank Renie for encouraging me to start a blog here. I've met so many wonderful people. I am pretty much a home body, so don't mingle with a lot of people. However, my world is much larger with all my wonderful blogging friends.

Love and blessings,