Friday, November 30, 2007


.....I am overcome this morning with thankfulness of what the Lord has done in my life. Growing up I had all the same dreams any little girl would have.. Husband, home, children... house with white picket fence....... Lace and ruffles and all things sweet......... Life gets in the way of dreams and life will swallow you up and spit you out.

.....Divorce was not in my vocabulary nor my thoughts.. I am sure if you asked anyone that knew the ravages of divorce they would tell you that they did not ever imagine that would happen to them. However it does...
.... The woman at the well is my most treasured gift in the word of God. She is the perfect example of a life gone wrong and of the Grace that is handed out to all those that will receive.

....Jesus was a busy man but He was always in tune with the Holy Spirit and on that day He knew that there was a woman, seeped in despair headed to a well. She would draw water that day but the water she would receive would change her life and she would thirst no more.
......Jesus came to save the lost and the undone........ This story is a story of forgivness and mercy in a world void of any compassion. They only knew the law and the law cast her out. He brought grace and forgivness and took her in.........

...I cry when I see the transformation of a broken heart to a heart of hope. She was broken and undone and I am sure that each morning brought with it another day of hoplessness. The sun did arise on that day but in its rising brought with it new life where there was only guilt and shame.
.... I have hung my head in shame and disgrace... I have opened my eyes on mornings that life was just too hard to bear.... I have wandered alone in my darkness not knowing whether to turn right or left.......... I have shook my fist in the face of the law of religion and asked why? I have lived the life of the woman at the well...........
..... I have cried until I could cry no more........ and now this morning I am overwhelmed with the goodness of my Father God and I cry........... not because I am broken but I cry that because on September 10, 1977 I met a man at the well of my despair and He did not repair my heart, He made it new......... I used to cry because I was broken, now I cry because He made me whole.


Edge of Design said...

I'm convinced my sister's first husband was the devil in disguise. I hated him for what he did to her and was very reluctant to forgive him. The Lord used me to help get her out of that place. Now, she has a brand new husband that loves and cherishs her. Two broken hearts brought together by the Lord. Her first husband was her "Ishmael" her second was her "Isaac". I am happy that you have found your "Isaac". I'll be the first to tell any woman that if she is abused to get out and get out now!

Mary said...

"If you are going to follow the stars, be a Wise man."

Denise, I love that quote. Your blog is so beautiful and I love your Samaritan Woman. I'm so glad she's back.

Praise God that you have a new heart. He is SO good.


Denise said...

Edge.........I love love the Ishmael and Isaac thing,,,,, I had never thought about it like that... I am glad that you got your sis out of that relationship.. It is so hard to leave on your own......

Mary.. I have a Tee shirt designed with that Wise Men quote.. I will post it one day..Maybe get it printed and have a give away... I am still wanting to do the walk in love shirt... all things in time I guess... I am so busy now and I have trouble keeping my blog up... ahahha

Be blessed

SweetAnnee said...

Oh you are sweet!! I love the
Picture of the star .. Let me know
if I can steal the wiseman star!!
fondly, Deena

Sharon said...

I enjoyed meeting your Dad. I wish my father in law had the outlet of the computer-but he can not see well enough.
I think every one must have a meeting at the well.
I enjoyed reading this post.