Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dont Be a Baby

......When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. 1 Corinthians 13:11

.... it is strange but I do not remember much of my childhood... What little bits and pieces there are are good ones.. I had two brothers that I grew up with and some of my most favorite memories are of the three of us. One memory is playing King of the Hill. We would all run toward the railroad tressel in the back of Grandma's house and up on the tracks we would go. The tracks cross the blue river that ran through the little town of Roff Oklahoma. It was there that we would laugh and holler and push each other off of that railroad tressel mound until only one of us remained. I could not tell you how many times I won or lost but just that I remember those days so well. Of course as we grew older and went our separate ways only to reunite on Thanksgiving and Christmas, no longer did we three break away to claim victory over that old hill. We were grown and childish things were in the past. Those memories serve me well and they always bring a smile to my face.....
.....In my Christian life it is no different. I remember the younger years of my walk with the Lord and how I thought I had arrived. I was full of myself and was going to save the world. Little did I know that arrived I had not. I did not know squat but I would have told you that I did. I look back on my life and that journey that started out 30 years ago and those memories always bring a smile to my face. Little did I know that my journey would take me through dark places that only the Grace of God could keep me. It was in the darkness that I learned to see the unseen. It was in the dark places that the still small voice was the only thing heard. It was in those times that life was hard and I would rather have gone on to see Jesus that I learned how to live. It was in the darkness that I grew to be out of the carnal and into faith.
......... today there are things that I have let go of....childish things that hindered me... Things that have hung onto my flesh for so many years that need be discarded. Is it not a wonderful thing that as we grow and mature in the Lord, He always takes us to a place that reveals the hidden things in our lives and it is there that we grow.......My prayer today is that the Lord continue to inspect my heart and reveal the things that need to be revealed so that I might come into His fullness and reproduce like kind..........


Vicki said...

This journey with Him is full of surprises...some, not so much fun, but worth every step (looking back). I sure could relate to all you shared here. His grace keeps us, grows us, and enables us. I'm so thankful for His love.

Thankful for you, too~

Mary said...

Yes, Denise, climbing the mountains and trudging through dark valleys is where we grow most in the Lord. I have had my share of those and know that there were many times when He carried me. He has walked with me through the fire of life and stood beside me as I walked out the other side, forged stronger by the flames.

Thank you for sharing. This post is very powerful.

I am going to send you an email. I saw something you mentioned on my blog that needs a reply.


Mary said...

PS. Love all of your Christmas decorations and other widgets.

Anonymous said...

You know now that you mention it, I've yet to meet a grounded Christian who hasn't been through dark and troubled times. I've met some flaky ones and concluded flaky is as flaky does. It's hard to be thankful in our trials but often we confess we are thankful for our trials and the lessons we've learned and the character that was built as a result. He does excellent work, wouldn't you agree?

Old Folks Blog said...

I am sure I will feel better to-morrow.I get rid of this sore throat I will be ok.
It is a lot better to-night.
Have a good night.
Love Ya.