Friday, January 16, 2009

Nonulcerative dyspepsia........Now There is A Mouthful

Just a quick note to let you gals know that I am home from the Dr.........Very interesting appointment .......... I go back next Thursday to eat some food laced with radioactive material (just a very very small trace) Then they can follow down my esophagus and into my stomach and see if things are passing through in a timely fashion..... sounds like a plan to me............. He called my condition nonulcerative dyspepsia. Chronic conditions lasting for years... No known cause and no known cure or treatment. Wonderful........

BUT ......He did ask if I had to live the next 9 years just like I am today, would it change my change my life for the worse........ Well of course not I said..........Good was his reply. This condition is not rare and is found most often in women who have had several abdominal surgeries. I have had two, one hysterectomy and one gallbladder.

Sooooooooooooo I will rest in the understanding that I can live my life with this and that heating pad and listen to my Dr. Eat very small meals and NEVER overeat, and if I do understand that it will most likely cause me pain.

I will go back next Thursday and eat a bite of radioactive material and let them follow it through my system to see if there is any blockage or if it is slow moving..............

So for tonight, I am at peace and will rest in the knowledge that my Father God knows all things and I am the apple of HIS eye........... and HE can get my gut to moving a bit quicker any time HE wants................. :)

Good night ladies............ I am blessed beyond measure to have each of you in my life............


Sharon Brumfield said...

I am glad you are in the hands of a good doctor and the Great Physician.
That ought to be a really interesting procedure-will you get to watch your food too?
No glowing women here in make sure you leave the glow with them.:)
Um....and in a timely manner. LOL

Mary said...


I'm so glad it isn't anything critical and that if you have to, you can live with it. Sounds like God is guiding your Dr. I will pray that He will give your Dr. wisdom and will also pray for healing.


Mimi said...

chronicdoesn't sound quite as bad as terminal does it!!

I am glad that it doesn't seem to be too bad (of course that is someones opinion that is not living with the pain in his gut!)

I pray for you as you go for the further testing on Thursday to drink the radioactive cocktail...


Anonymous said...

We did a science experiment a few months back with corn. We would eat some corn and then time how long it took to go through our system. Perhaps its not the same kinda tests but you might want to try it and then compare the results with your radioactive material. Then if you wouldn't mind emailing me your findings we could add it to our science experiment. What say you? Can you tell I homeschool?

Shirley said...

Praise His Holy Name!!

I'm sure that takes a load off your mind. So thankful it wasn't worse.

Love you bunches!!

Linda said...

Denise...this is wonderful news. Your doctor gave you good information and this is something you can handle and live with...prayers were heard. Blessing and take care...hugs, Linda

Just Joni said...

I'm glad the little thing wasn't a big thing and it is something you can learn to control a bit and who knows...the test may even provide answers that make the whole thing go away with the proper medication...wishing you peace on the day of your test ~

PEA said...

I'm sure you felt a huge relief to learn that it isn't anything too serious and something that "you can live with"! Just knowing it's not serious would have me feeling much better...sometimes it's the worrying that's the worst part! lol xoxo said...

I am out and about Thanking blogger for all their prayers for me while I have been so sick! Your new look is great!! Thanks for all your kind comments!! Love and hugs Grams

Tracy said...

Oh Wow, i am so glad it is not critical! You will continue to be in my prayers my blogger friend.


MelanieJoy said...

I'll continue to pray...keep us updated. I'll be emailing soon and catch up!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi sweetie! This is good news! I am so glad that it is nothing serious. I have the same problem, especially if I eat too much or eat things that are acidic. It does help having smaller meals. I was told to try and eat only as much food that would fit in the palm of my hand. Yikes! That isn't much, but it does help.

Hugs to you,

Love Bears All Things said...

You've got a beautiful attitude and that is the very best medicine, whatever the alement.
Love you, girl.
Mama Bear

Annette said...

PRAISE GOD!! I am so happy that all went fairly will, I work in the hospital and did you know they have this small pill that you swallow and takes pictures as it moves down and they some how can retrieve the pictures by hooking something up and it all is shown on films. I will continue to pray though and be careful what you ask for God can help and will help move your gut faster then you want lol.
Love to you

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Finally, a plan, albeit probably not the answer you'd hoped for. You're right, we can find our peace even in the midst of uncertainty because we hold the Keeper of peace within our hearts.

Keep us posted~elaine

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Denise ~ thanks for the email! I burnt out my heating pad using it so much...just got a new one!

Now that makes sense..eating radioactive material..they wanted me to drink that crap and I was like 'no way'.

Take care girlfriend!


Hootin' Anni said...

My prayers and thoughts go out to you dear friend!!!

Joyce said...

Good to know though. I'm the kind who wants to know so I can "deal" with it.
Then I pray and give it to God......
Then I also try to research and solve it along the way too. HA!
I think it's all good.
See what you can do to help yourself along the the suggestion to eat small meals etc. etc.
Alot of times there is something we can do to help things. It usually requires diet changes and such.
I deal with that myself with R.A.
But it's okay I am so much better now than I was in the begining.
God knows how to work out these goofy "diagnois's" and show us what to do and more importantly......"WHAT HE CAN DO!"
Hang in there.