Monday, January 26, 2009

MY 15 Minutes of Fame...........


Hootin' Anni has asked for volunteers to be interviewed by none other than Anni herself. Since Anni is so much fun, I couldn't resist volunteering. She sent me the questions in an email and this is what I have to do.

Now for my questions sent to me by Hootin Anni ............

1] Your town is going to collect items from those who reside there, and asked you to participate. The items will go in a time capsule not to be opened for 200 years. What would you donate and why?


I have a Dake bible that I have had many years now. I bought it right after being born again. It is old and worn out and its pages are marked with yellow and green and blue. In the margins are notes scribbled with pen and pencil and you cannot find one "clean" page in it's entirety. When we were pastors of a church in the late 80's I wrote the day and time that each person in our congregation was born again, and then the date that we baptized them.

It contains scraps of paper with scriptures and notes and pressed flowers and a few pictures of the members and the pictures of the days we filled the church with laughter....... Some of those people have gone on to meet the Lord and with some I have lost touch, but within the pages of that bible is the history of many lives and the history of the years of growth in the Lord for me. Within those pages is the words of my Father God to instruct us how to live without fear......... I am afraid that the coming generations will move further from the word that will save them and keep them safe and in 200 years, who can say.......... I want that generation 200 years from now that 200 years before them there were people of God , full of grace and passion. People that believed what the book said from cover to cover. Christians, believers in Jesus Christ....

2] Envision the color red and describe what you see at this very moment, as objects you love, with the color red in/on them.

When I look out my back patio door, I see many a pair of red Cardinals. I make sure that have plenty of the things that they love to eat. They bring me joy just to sit and watch as the move from feeder to feeder. They are especially beautiful when there is snow and ice on the ground. Then there is the Climbing Don Juan Rose bush that is silently moving up the back of the house between my bathroom window and my bedroom window. They are absolutely beautiful in the summer time with their deep burgundy red blooms on long stems...... I clip them and have several vases around the house to display them for may hours of enjoyment.

I also have a red dress jacket with a little white hankie just peeking out of the pocket.. I love wearing it with my black dress slacks when I want to look sexy! I will be sad when it is worn out.. or too big...........(yeah)

3] If you were going to be interviewed, literally, by a celebrity....who would you like to meet/have interview you?

President George W Bush..... I want to see that man face to face. I want to meet the man that had the faith and conviction of what he believed in to do that which was necessary in the face of great disdain. He kept us safe from harm and he was treated as a devil. He was hated for what he believed in. He kept the unborn safe, he gave us a since of security that as for me now I have lost. Yeap. He is a celebrity in my eyes and he is a faithful obedient child in the eyes of the Father God.

4] Fashions and fads come and your lifetime, did you ever wear something that was en vogue, and wouldn't now, that you're at your age you are? If you did, what was it...why did you like it?

Oh yeah baby! I wore micro mini skirts with halter tops.. I had black chokers with cameos. I had Afro hair. I had bell bottom pants that were at least 18' across. I wore hip huggers with chain belts and suede vests with tassels to my knees........... Oh yeah baby! Why did I like it? OMG........ I was as wild as a MARCH HARE, and everyone else was wearing the same!
NO I would not wear today.......... my son would arrest me and lock me up !

5] Do you have any phobias? If you do, list them and try and tell me WHY you've come to fear these things. If not, then, what makes you fearless?

The only thing that I fear is heights. Cannot go up into the mountains and especially cannot go up if the road is on the side of the mountain. Cannot look down. It is a fear that paralyzes me and the reason being as I had a bad encounter in Germany with a very very tall mountain. I was on a very large bus and the bus went around corners that were not wide enough for all 4 wheels. It moaned and groaned up that mountain and by the time we were half way up I was on the floor board..... I swore when I got to the top that I would not get back on that bus............. When it was time to leave, I found the walking path and walked down that mountain. Four hours later we arrived at the plateau where we had left the car. My friends and my husband did not speak to me the rest of the day and night......Cannot say I blame them........ It left me with a terrible fear of heights... I see no need in trying to overcome it now! hahahah

Now that was fun !!!!!!!!!!


Hootin' Anni said...

Oh my gosh Denise....that was one SUPER response to all the questions! You did a fabulous job. I loved reading about your fads wardrobe!!! You little rebel, you!


Thanks for playing along, loved reading everything about your real you.

Shirley said...

Good morning, Denise. That was so good. It is good to get to know our friends a little better. And isn't it wonderful to see where God has brought us from! I love the cardinals, too. I'm watching them right now. Don't feel bad about your phobia, we all have them. I loved hearing about your Bible.

Blessngs to you, my friend.

Love Bears All Things said...

Great questions and wonderful answers. I like the item you chose for the time capsule. I have a Bible like that. It was a great choice because, only God knows, if the world stands for 200 more years, Bibles may be banned.
Mama Bear

valerie said...

Off the subject at hand...but
I'm home today because of the weather and it's only 7:40 or so &
I'm already thinking of all the yummy snack foods I have ingredients for to make today.
Ohhhhh, not good.
Keep me in your prayers today. ;)

JC said...

Love your answers. Thanks for playing along with Annie so I can know you better. Great post.

P.S. I'm going to keep Valerie, comment above, in my prayers today along with you.

Just Joni said...

Well that was fun...always nice to learn new things about our friends. I share your fear of heights...eek! My knees get weak and I can't breathe...

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Yes fun and interesting too...You did great on the questions...I too do not like heights but i think enclosed places are worse for me...We all have some fears I would imagine.
Hope that you day is going great!!

Diane said...

Great answers, love your descriptions of your clothes, then and now. I'm terrified of heights, too. I cannot go up stairs that go up over each other and then you can look down through them, it gives me sweaty palms just to think of it.

PEA said...

Hello dear Denise:-)

I so enjoyed reading your answers to the questions and I had to giggle at the one where you talk about the clothes we used to wear that we wouldn't wear now...I wore all those fads too but wouldn't be seen caught dead in them now! lol

Omigosh, I so understand your fear of heights, I've got the same phobia! I can't even get up on a chair, I get dizzy!! I think I would have done the same thing as you after that bus incident and walked down the mountain.

Thank you for your warmhearted comment you left me on my post today, it truly means a lot to me to have friends like you. xoxo

Sharon Brumfield said...

I love the answer about the clothes you would not wear again.
I remember those days....although I was not old enough to dress that way. But I always wanted a pair of those bell bottoms. :)

And I share you concern over heights. Many times I can tell it to be quiet...but if we are on a one lane road on the side of a mountain...its hard.

Mary said...


I loved your responses to the questions that Anni asked you. You did a great job.

I can certainly understand your fear of heights. I once got stranded at the top of a silo. I was six years old. I've never liked heights since then.

Take care, my friend. Hope you had a good week.


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

You did a great job...m..

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

You did a great job...m..

Annette said...

you are such an amazing lady, and I love to learn new things about people, you know how you are scared of heights? mine are snake's!!my Johnanthon say's "When I move out on my own, I'm getting a snake so mom wont come over and tell me to clean this mess up!" that turkey!! if I see them in movies, I have awful nightmares of them, HATE'EM HATE'EM, HATE'EM!!, God has been EXTREMELY good to you, and you too him as well.
Love ya

Donetta said...

That was fun. I'll drop her a note.

Tammy said...

You did such a great job, Denise! I loved reading your answers...
And I would love to sit down to dinner with George Bush...he seems like such an approachable, likable man whom I admire a great deal for his faith!

D said...

I love this meme and reading your answers! Very nice! Hey I just realized that you're not on my list of bloggers -- oops! I'm sorry . I think I had your weight loss blog & then you closed it. Anyway, I WILL get your blog posted. I'm so sorry!

& congrats on the weight loss! I'm proud of you! Let me know if you need gluten info!

Maxine said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading these. I particular loved your answer to number 1. It reminded me of the time King Josiah found the Bible in the temple of Israel when he went over to repair it. It had been forgotten all those years and it affected him deeply and all the people of Judah temporarily came back to the Lord.

And I'm with you on the one about the celebrity. That's exactly who I would love to meet face to face for the same reasons as you!

And my or my I would have loved to have seen you in your afro hair and your mini skirts. lol That was me at one time too!

Oh! And the one about the cardinals--don't tell me you're feeding the birds too! Now I know we're kindred sisters!

Mary said...


I saw on the news that many states were hit by that ice storm. Another friend who lives in Arkansas told me that they were hit. Her oldest son lives a couple of hours from them and a tree fell in front of his house. They were without heat or power for two days.

I'm glad your power came back on before you had to move your Mom & Dad into the shop. I really want a gas stove that will give us heat if the power goes out. We have nothing when we lose power. We cook with electric and though we have a gas furnace, the fan will not work without electricity, so it gets very cold.

It's been snowing here for almost 24 hours and it is accumulating. Tonight they are calling for freezing rain. I hope it bypasses us. I hate hubby being out when the roads are icy.

Take care and drop me an email when you can.


Denise said...

I enjoyed this, your answers were wonderful.

Heart of a Ready Writer said...

Fun post.

I love to wear red, and I would SO enjoy meeting GWB too.

You asked how to make active comment links:



kansasrose said...

I adore you and these answers are So YOU and GREAT! What a hoot you are talking about the 'fro' and bell bottoms! Yes! I'd love to meet Pres. Bush and visit with him just as an ordinary American. I am sure he is very friendly and personable. I'd like to tell him thank you for keeping this country safe after 9-11. He is a good, Godly man!!! He brought dignity and grace to the office. Hon, you are so down to earth and your honesty is so endearing. Just one of the many things I love about you dear friend! Great meme. You done good! :)