Friday, December 12, 2008

Tim MC Graw ....... and Country and Western Music

Wanted to share with you ladies , while I sat in that little room waiting for my wonderful Dr I heard a song on the radio. They listen to country and western music. Now I do not listen to C& W music but that day I was a captured audience. The song was by Tim McGraw and the title was "Live Like You Were Dying." Not really something that you want to hear while sitting in a Dr office. Anyway he is singing about a man in his early 40's that has had bad news about loosing his life and when asked what he did with that news, here is one of his answers ....."I gave forgiveness I'd been denying" and he said someday I hope you get the chance to live like you were dying"

It was a combination of words that so touched my heart and I was a bit surprised at my reaction to the song. Isn't is strange how the Lord sometimes uses what HE can to reach us? HIS spirit knows neither time or space or music and if in the words of a C&W song then so be it. HE is a very resourceful God. As I sat there the rest of the song slipped past me with not a thought but those few words kept resounding in my mind. "I gave forgiveness I'd been denying." How profound and it almost caused me to cry. I sat there and reflected on some people that I have withheld forgiveness.
Oh yes, it is that bright light that shines in our hearts by the Holy Spirit that goes into the dark places that we think we have hidden. It is that sudden intrusion of the Holy One , the third person of the Trinity that comes in an instant when least expected and shines HIS light, a light that we cannot ignore. It is the TRUTH that comes, and when in that instant we only want to spew the fact of why we have not, HE brings the TRUTH, and in that truth there is no escape. In that correction by the Holy One comes repentance and the repentance turns to adoration because of the LOVE in HIS correction.
Never an accusation, only correction followed by LOVE, and in the moments that follow, HIS forgiveness I sough for withholding from them what HE so freely gives. How we hold in our hearts things that cause us pain, we hold tight thinking that we have a right some how to withhold from others what HE gives to us freely.
As we come together this season to celebrate the birth of CHRIST, while we wrap the gifts and trim the trees help us LORD to first forgive those to whom we have withheld forgiveness.
It is the very reason HE came.......... Forgiveness----- It heals all it touches.

And I wonder what we would do tomorrow if we were to live like we were dying.


Denise said...

A great big amen to this my friend.

Tracy said...

Very true my friend. God does work in such strange ways, all one has to do is listen. Hear. :) I know the song you are talking about and how very wise that song writer was. I myself haven't listened to Country music for some time. The other day i did, and was pleasantly surpised how many country songs are about Christ! I must have listened to 10 songs that morning, and out of those ten more then half were christian ones! God is moving in that world i think. Big time hugs. I hope your weekend is a blessed one

Mimi said...

We never know what God will use and when He will use it to reach into our heart and teach us a much needed lesson...
have a blessed weekend my friend...

Sharon Brumfield said...

Every once in a while I try and do an inventory of my heart. One of the things that I do is look around the rooms and see if there is anything lingering that needs to be cleaned out.
How awesome that God used this song in your life. I don't listen to country music either but I have had the opportunity too to catch a wroth while word from one of their songs.
I do hope that you are doing good. And that you are getting some rest as you get ready for this beautiful time that is here.
Love ya girl

Shirley said...

Oh Denise, I love the way you share the workings of God in your life. You have such a way with putting it all into words to share with all. God will surely bless you for that. Your blog is one that I look forward so much to read. God is using you in this way to touch the hearts of others. If I were ever to meet you, I'd surely give you a big hug. God is a wonderful, loving God. We all should be aware of His ever presence in our lives and rejoice when He speaks to our hearts.

Blessings to you.

Annette said...

I'm a radio scanner...scan through the stations usually on my way to work, and allot of times there's a song that will come on a christian channel that catch my fancy and I'll listen to it and 99% it was meant for me to hear and then I usually wind up shedding a tear or 2, and I know deep in my heart God had intended for me to hear it, then a few days go by and something might happen or something is said and that one particular song will pop in my head, and I say,"Yes, Lord I remember that song" I so believe that the Holy spirit allowed me hear it, and when the Holy spirit replays it in my head, it's twice as loud, I could give so many examples of how the Holy spirit works on me through things, and its the Holy spirit that makes me want to seek God even more! I started my day today by reading your blog, and Thank you!!
Hugs always

Patti said...

I recently had an opportunity to forgive someone that had hurt me. We were involved in an ongoing back and forth exchange of hurtful words, and as I was on the verge of retaliating back, the Lord SO touched my heart. He enabled me to hold the angry, defensive, accusing words back and to simply seek forgiveness instead. He enabled me to be a peacemaker... I know it was the Lord working because the flesh wanted to keep on hashing it out. But I knew that the Lord was grieved at the way we were acting, so I forgave the wrongs she had done me and requested that she forgive me as well.

On another note, I don't listen to alot of country music. Although I LOVE the tempo, etc., the lyrics are often unacceptable to me. However, there are several country songs that beautifully speak of faith, love, and faithfulness to your spouse. Those songs are always a blessing.

PEA said...

Every time I hear that song, I think of my dad who passed away from cancer at the age of 48 and it always brings tears, it's such a beautiful song. Forgiveness is something that is sometimes very hard to do but oh what a release when you can finally forgive!! xoxo

Love Bears All Things said...

Well, I do listen to country music and Tim is one of my favorites along with his lovely wife, Faith.

It has been hard for me to understand a heart that doesn't forgive although, I have seen this happen in my own and my Honey Bear's family. My Daddy's brother once witheld affection from him because he associated with some one my uncle did not like. My Dad went to him and asked the reason for this dislike and was not told. He told his brother that he could not shun his friend. The brother chose to cease relations with my Daddy. Then came the day Daddy had surgery for kidney cancer. My Mother's sister called my uncle and told him. She said this might be the last time you have a chance to see your brother. He came to the hospital, Daddy came through surgery fine and they enjoyed close brotherly relationship until their seperation by death.
No one knows what tomorrow holds. We should all choose to love as Christ loved.
Mama Bear

MelanieJoy said...

Love you. Glad you are hearing His sweet voice.

Sweetie said...

What a wonderful post. It really gave me some things to think about.

Mary said...


I have heard the song and it is one that touches the heart. Another favorite of mine is "Jesus take the Wheel." Country music has gospel backgrounds that we never think of today. When I was a kid, there were many such songs on the radio.

I forgave the one who hurt me so bad long ago and that began my healing. As long as we hold unforgiveness in our hearts it makes us bitter and can make us physically and emotionally ill. I'm so glad I was set free when forgiveness was given.

Another awesome post. Thanks for the prayers.


valerie said...

The Lord can certainly get our attention, huh? Even through a c&w song.

Joyce said...

When I first became ill and didn't know what exactly was wrong...that song was a bit hit. And I liked it.
Even though I am not a huge country music fan it really IMPACTED me.
I just loved the words and the message and I still do.
Interesting how that happens. :~)

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Denise ~ I truly love this song..and when I saw Tim McGraw in concert, he told us that he was singing that song for his dad that learned he was dying...oh man, here come the tears!

I'm getting out your December package this week. Sorry it's so late...hope you enjoy it!


Mary said...


Thank you for the beautiful sympathy card. It arrived in my mail box today. I'm not sure where it was, but I'm glad I received it. I appreciate your loving kindness.

Hope all is well with you, my friend.