Monday, July 7, 2008

All Sufficient

It is Sunday night and I am just not sleepy so thought I would take the time to post a bit. Just a short post on what the Lord has shown me this weekend...... Friday (the 4th) was a bit too quiet for me and it caused me to be a bit moody which is out of my character! Way out of my character!

You see, I am in a place now that my life is making sense and has for almost 1o years now since the Lord gifted me with Dennis. I am in a large place that the bible talks about and it is all coming together for me. I want to share that with those that I love. I am a VERY social creature! VERY........ I am extroverted to a fault and it is just who I am. I love people and having people around and going out with people and having friend and family over here..... For the past many years I have been the one to have the backyard parties and barbeque's and the Thanksgivings and the Christmas parties and parties for Mom's birthday and Dad's birthday and etc.......... I cannot help myself......... I just love it........

It is how my Father God made me and it is ok. I have tried to stop but it only makes me unhappy. So I continue to try to bring my family together and sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. I usually have my Mom and Dad in mind when I am planning and doing so that they can have all their children around them as often as possible.

Anyway, let me get back on track.

Dennis and I had a barbecue on Memorial day and on Mothers day and then tried to do something for Fathers day ....... so this 4th we decided not to do a thing..... and not a thing we did do..... It was a good day, do not get me wrong but mid day I was feeling a bit blue an missing the sound of other people...... It cause me to be come quiet and let me tell you...... I am not a quiet person....... What my moodiness caused was something that even now hurts my heart.

It caused my husband's feelings to be hurt that I would want to be somewhere else or with someone else........... Oh my, not the case at all........ He is my soul mate and I would lay my life down for him if asked. He is a gift that I never imagined I would ever have, so to hurt him hurts me....... I asked for his forgiveness and we talked and he understands my silly ways.

You see...... The Lord has brought me to this large place and it is my hearts desire to share... I just want to share what God has given. Time with my family... have two brothers and a sister and I would love to see us all in my backyard laughing and enjoying each other as we once did......... and sometime mid day on the 4th those thoughts crowded my mind. If only people would forgive, if only they would see that life is not about things but about sharing and loving without envy or strife for jealousy. I hate jealousy! I hate competition within a family....... If only?


I need no other......... I am all sufficient in Him....... He is my life and the lover of my soul. We seek outside influence to bring us joy, but our joy is made whole when we rest in His sufficiency.It is the joy that we discover when we submerge our self in Him. It is in the knowing Him that causes me to rejoice.

When we allow the actions of others determine our happiness, we will always be disappointed. When we seek for validity from others we will never find true worth in ourselves. It is not from the outward that causes us to be whole, it is from the all sufficient Savior, Jesus Christ.
He is mother and father, and sister and brother..... He is the son and he is the daughter. He is all things to all people and while I sat in my swing on the evening of the 4th and just visited with my precious husband and just had quality time alone, I discovered that, yes I would have liked the laughter and noise of a gathering, but this day alone with my sweetie was ordered of the Lord and it was good............ I was at peace and the joy of the Lord was my strength.

Be joyful whether you be alone or in a crowd........ for there are many that are lonely alone and they are lonely in a crowd.......... They need Jesus........


Tracy said...

Great post as always. You always manage to hit all the right things, lol, at times i feel like God is not only talking with you, but through you to others like me. I agree with you, one can not allow ones happiness to be dictated from others actions, approvals or what not.

Thank you once again for making a light go off in my soul, and making me pause and consider, and think.

Hugs and blessings sent your way.

valerie said...

Hi Denise! It's been a while since I've talked to you.
I always appreciate your comments on my blog. Thanks for taking time to do that.
I've been wondering how your back is doing?
You are so right....Jesus is all we need. He's everything to me!

Denise said...

Such a great post my friend, blessings to you.

kansasrose said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Your kind comments were so appreciated. Your posts really are a just the right times! I am going through some major stuff with my just married oldest daughter. The pain-heartbreak ( another story) has been profound, but God is using this to teach, test my metal, bless, help me to grow...He is using your wisdom, His voice is speaking through you in your wonderful posts. He does work in marvelous ways! I am bookmarking you. Thanks so much for sharing with others. God Bless, Jen

Chris said...

Wise words my friend~~~ Thank you!

Mary said...


I'm sorry that Dennis' feelings where hurt because he knew you would have liked to have celebrated. How romantic that he wanted to be only with you. I'm glad that you have talked and worked it out.

You are my teacher and I always learn something from you when I visit. Thanks for once again pointing out where our priorities should lie.

Love and blessings,

Sharon Brumfield said...

That is where you and I are different. You love to be surrounded by people..they fill you up. I am the opposite. We could have a huge discussion here. I love the idea that people must learn to love themselves for who He made them. I don't need anyone to approve of me so that I can be happy. That took such a long time for me to get there.
When I start feeling discontent in myself I know that my eyes have gotten off Him and on myself.
These lessons you have presented here are such important lessons.
I wish that it had not taken me so long to learn some of them. But then God has a plan and a purpose for the paths we take.
I enjoyed this. Some times the toughest lessons are the deepest ones. This will stick.

JC said...

This is a beautiful posting. Thanks for sharing your heart.

I came by to let you know my niece, Jen, at Dust Bunny Hosage gave me one of your shirts on the 4th. I love it and I love the hands.

I'm going to Israel one week from today and plan on taking the shirt with me to sleep in. That way I can keep her and all my blog friends close to my heart while I'm away. It is a bit to snuggle to wear out (but it won't be long).

I love your site and will visit again. Have a blessed and highly favored day. JC

PEA said...

If my family all lived nearby, I think I would have them over all the time because I love to be surrounded by family and friends. Unfortunately, only my mom is nearby, my four brothers all live out of town (two in another province!)so family get togethers are very few and far between. I had so many friends around me and we'd always get together but that has all changed since some have died and some have moved away...I truly do miss those days.

I'm glad that you and Dennis were able to have a good talk about his hurt feelings. We just don't realize how much our actions can affect those we love. xoxo

Anonymous said...

We spent the Holiday weekend by ourselves also and I can relate with you. But yes it was very special to be alone with my hubby. It just is different and that is ok. We had a great time. Seasons of life I guess:)

Linda said...

Hi Denise...this was a wonderful post. I know how you feel. I love having lots of family and friends about too but I'm totally happy being with just my hubby and daughter...I think it just the place where I am in my life.

Take care hugs, Linda

'Tart said...

Dear Denise,
Here is what specifically hit home with me in your post:

"When we allow the actions of others determine our happiness, we will always be disappointed. When we seek for validity from others we will never find true worth in ourselves. It is not from the outward that causes us to be whole, it is from the all sufficient Savior, Jesus Christ."

I am the opposite of you in wanting to be around people all the time and I most often enjoy my aloneness (through the day, with Hubby gone at work)and as I learn to be around people more (which is the way I was made!) this helps me. No person validates you, and I don't have to depend on others to do that for me. It is the Lord in my heart that suffices, no matter who I am around.

Thank you so much for this reminder! Like Tracy says, your posts speak through to others, and have affected me greatly today!
Hugs & Blessings,