Monday, February 25, 2008

A Poem

While working in my shop this weekend (pictures to follow tomorrow) I found a folder in a big box of stuff!!!!! When I was very young in high school I would write poems in class instead of listening to the teacher.... (maybe that is why spell check is my best friend) Anyway I found several that I had written back then and now the paper is brown with age but thought it might be interesting for you to see into the mind of a sixteen year old........ I would write them in just a few minutes with no thought.... Not sure that is good not sure that is bad..... but here is one that was published in the school paper ........ 1964...................

The once bright and shiny sparkle within his eyes are gone
The sweetness of this tender smile faded with the coming dawn.
His cheerful and his joyful laugh within the halls have ceased.
And for the emptiness left his love,
in the night shall find no peace.

For it was his laughter and his charm
which kept their hearts combined.
But now his breath has left his soul, and a better place he'll find.
For in the night while he lay in bed, t'was then his life was taken.
And not a sound did his heart put forth and thus no one was awakened.

And now his gone and no one knows the reason for his death
perhaps it was that his heart was broken,
started by a hidden cleft.
So now he is walking toward a throne, down a golden street,
For it was for his God he lived and died and now has gone to meet.

Denise Walsh
October 28, 1964

I cannot imagine what was in the mind of a sixteen year old girl to write that!!!!!!!!!

Just thought you would get a kick out of that.............
I am still so busy in the shop....... no time to write a post......... I have one on my heart...... maybe tonight...................


Counting Your Blessings said...

Oh, I loved to write poems and little stories when I was a teen! And they were usually a bit dark. I think it's all those hormones =) Your sweet 16 poem was really very good. I'll bet you'd be even better now. Blessings... POlly

Sharon Brumfield said...

Were you talking about Jesus or a person.
I have been writing off and on since my teens.
It is cool to see the seeds that had been planted that are now becoming a tree.
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
Funny I found an email from you in my spam today.
So if you sent me an email and wondered why I never responded--bingo!
Something about counters on blogs.
Interesting. ;)

Denise said...

Enjoyed reading your poem sweetie, take care.