Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mind of Their Own

I think this blogger has a mind of it's own..... It has messed up my header.. I cannot fix...... Oh well..... have a great Sunday
Hey Hey,, My dear husband helped me fix it....... he is soooooooo
smart......... It is good to have a computer guru for a husband...


Dee said...

A fat guy hasn't grabbed me yet, but I'll be on the lookout for him. LOL

Hey, I'm going to do the Meme next week okay? I've been working on it!


Anonymous said...

Would you mind asking your husband his opinion please? When I typing, my letters jump up and back into previously typed words. It is sporatic in its placement. I have scanned for viruses, system restore to earlier date and still the same trouble. Thanks Denise!

Mary said...


I'm so glad your hubby was able to get your header back where it belongs. Blogger is acting strange. It ate a comment I tried to post last night, at an entire post that Grams tried to post and Storyteller had to post 3 times in my comment section just to tell me what she wanted to say. Weird.

We are having a BIG snowstorm here. I need to get out and try to shovel a bit. Stay safe.

Blessings and love,

Anonymous said...

Denise, please tell your hubby thanks very much! I use Windows XP and its when I am in a text box. It could be through email, Word and even in posting on my blog and comments.

Here is an example of what happens. As you can see I am typing

Then the cursor moves to look like this:

Here is anout a word and then example of what happens. As you can see I am typing

(Do you see the "anout a word and then) well that "out a word..." should follow behind the word "typing". It doesn't. This happens a lot and especially in text boxes. It has happened when I've gone to type out a URL as well.

Thanks again Denise. I was wondering if I might email you through the address you posted on Dee's?

Sharon said...

Well I am the only computer person in our family. And alas--I can't fix it.
I will have to ask my brother who is a computer person to see if he can get in and fix it.
They did what they did to help one group of people and messed up another.