Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cleaning House- Cleaning Spirit

I have been cleaning out things per the instruction from the Lord. Throwing away things that I just do not need. Letting go of things that I have kept "just in case" I might need it one day. Do you do that? While cleaning out I came across the source of this post. It was a couple of sheets of paper tucked away in a shoe box that I have had for years. I threw it away and in the doing I re-read this post. I was amazed that the very same relationships that I was struggling with two years ago have just this year been released. I am a slow learner.
The Lord has been giving me specific instructions the other day to "clean" up my spiritual life and one of them was to let go of people that have walked away from me. I will listen this time. I have a new vision for my life and struggling with dead relationships is not one of them. My older brother Paul is always telling me that they are a vexation to my spirit. He is right.

This post was from 2007
and something that I found VERY strange...... It was dated November 18 2007.
I think the Father God wanted me to post this again today.

What do you think?

....I am a fan of T.D.Jakes and have read most of his books. Woman Thou Art Loosed is a great book. While cleaning out some old papers the other day I came across an email sent to me by a good friend and mentor a few years ago... (Yes I am a pack rat and keep everything, however this time I am glad that I did.) In this email was some quotes from T.D.Jakes that I want to share with you.... You see I have struggled all my life with low self esteem and an sense of needing to belong. Maybe that is why I have made so many mistakes in my personal choices.

... If you knew me well or if you were around me for any given time you would think that I had all the confidence in the world and I needed no outside affirmation of who I was... but you would be wrong. I cover it up and I cover it up with a very strong personality and I am a bit mouthy... thus I will overcome by being the stronger voice. That is sometimes good and sometimes bad. I think that the Lord has helped me so much in the past few years by giving me Dennis. He loves me as I am and I have no need of proving myself. He is such a gift and he is the example of the love of God in my life......

........ Getting back to T.D.Jakes.... I hate it when I know someone does not like me or accept me and I work hard at trying to change that...... I will talk and do and go out of my way to figure out how to change their minds toward me. My older brother thinks I am crazy...hahahhah and maybe so... There are those that will love and accept me and there are those that will not and that is life........ I just have a hard time letting go... There are some relationships in my life that case me grief because I love these people but cannot reach them.... I try, I really try but everything I do is twisted and turned back to hurt me.......... soooooooooo while cleaning out those pesty boxes of paper I found this............ Tell me what you think:

Let it Go: 2004 T.D.Jakes

There are people who can walk away from you and hear me when I tell you this:

1. If they can walk away let them!

2. Do not talk one more person into staying with you , loving you, calling you, coming to see you, or staying attached to you.

3. Hang up the phone, do not try calling them one more time. ( I started to do that this morning)

4. Your destiny is never tied to anyone that has left you.

5. The bible says that they came out from us that it might be made manifest that they were not for us, for had they been of us, no doubt they would have continued with us. (1 John 2:9)

6. People leave you because they are not joined to you, and if not joined to you, you cannot make them stay.

7. We need to learn the gift of good-bye.

8. Stop begging people to stay. Let them go.

9. If someone cannot treat you right, love you back, and see your worth, let them go.

10. If you keep trying to help someone that will not help themselves , let them go.

11. If you are struggling with the healing of a broken relationship then Let it go!

T.D.Jakes 2004

I have been so guilty of all of these things.... I struggle so hard sometimes with things that I cannot change..... It is just who I am, but this morning after reading this list again I realize that it is a vexation to my spirit man and I need to let go. God has called me to accomplish some things in my life and I am beginning to see those things happen. The energy that I spend with the broken things in my life is draining me of my spiritual life.

.... The relationships in my life that are broken or non existing God will replace. He is able to send us a brother or sister, a mother or father. What ever the need may be He is able.
..... So this Sunday morning I will vow unto the Lord one more time to let go of those things that hinder my spirit and I will look to the Father for those things that I need in my life and if I do not need it in my life I will let it go.

We all have things in our life that need to be released to the Father. In the two years since I had written this post I have released a lot of things and people. It is a learning and healing process, and I see healing in my life and it is strange to say, but my vision is clearing.

God, HE is so smart.


Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

very open and honest girl.. awesome... that is being real...

btw.. I love TD Jakes...

and your family is right let it go... but easier said than done.. I so understand...because I USE TO BE just like that... and still occasionally that ugly little monster peers his ugly head...

St. Augustine once said,,,,"deliver me from this lust of always vindicating myself"

such a need for constant vindication ( ie. acceptance) destroys our soul's faith in God.

Remember how many people choose not and still chose NOT to like Christ?

Well if they can not love our Savior, they won't love me.. and I can live with that because I am NOT above my sweet Savior...

Now I live with it being ok for others to not like me... and I can kick the dust of my feet as I walk away..

Love ya

Mary said...


I have learned much from you this day, my friend. I too have a hard time letting go of those who walk away from me. I'm learning to accept this through Him and your post today confirmed that this is what I should be doing. It's not an easy task - in fact it is the hardest thing I'll ever have to do in my life, but I've put it all in God's hands and we shall see where He wants it to go.

Love and blessings,

Edge of Design said...

Rejection of any kind and from any source is never good news. It IS difficult to accept sometimes and especially when its someone we deeply love, cherish and respect. Perhaps its an insensitivity on their part but an insensitivity just the same. You're not alone in how you feel. Many of us, including me, have those very same obstacles to overcome. Thanks for your open honesty.

Annette said...

I truly love how God works, he seriously wanted you to reread that paper, I believe that. We find rejection hard, right? imagine how God must feel when his people rejects him, probably the same way we do, sad and disappointed, but we learn to be a stronger person in all aspects of our lives. I cant stand the thought of not having my brother in this world, but that's the selfish part of being human, we cant help if everyone doesn't like us, and I use to be like you so much, but now I really don't care, my time and energy can now be spent on loving my worldly family and my heavenly family, and you my sweet friend and Sister I LOVE, you where brought to me for a reason, and I'm learning so much, walking away isn't always easy, but who's to say that by your walking away from things, that the very same relationship or thing will walk back towards you? It's all in HIS plan for you....

Annette said...

Wow! You do so good!! Your post always blesses me! I haven't been able to get around to visit much since Nancy has been so ill! She is better. We go to the Dr in the morning for her hospital check up from last week. Thank you so much for your prayers for her and for me!! Love and hugs Grams

Joyce said...

Wow Denise,
This was a lot of DEEEEEP thinking and information from you in this posting!

I liked what I was reading and I DO think it was a "divine appointment" that you came across that article again...on the very same day but two years later. Love when those kinds of things happen.

Errr....good to know your boys are Scotsmen! Might want to start looking for the "plaid" and think about that for a Christmas gift. Do you think they'd wear them? I have one that would....but not the others. My husband would if he had one. I'm going to work on that too...they are just SOOOO expensive!

Talk to you soon.......hang in there my friend!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

#4 is particularly telling to me, for a great many reasons.

What an incredible list! I'm going to have to jot these down for further contemplation. Very healthy...


Lea said...

Denise, I don't even know how to comment. This is deep, and I've never looked at it this way. I need time to ponder on this and re read.
You have blessed me SO MUCH. I'm so glad you shared this.

Mimi said...

received your note...and I am fine, just been very busy...and slow on the blogging...
{{Hugs back at ya}}

Karen said...

I don't know how I missed this post on reader didn't update or something...maybe I needed to read this more really spoke to my heart...such a strong message and so many nuggets of truth to gather...thank you, Denise!

LisaShaw said...

Great sharing! I remember this message he preached.

Love you!

Donetta said...

I let go and now they have come to me asking me to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. The nieces of a brother long separated.
They asked me to join them.
This will be very interesting.
Happy Thanksgiving Denise. Your post is awesome. There is a healing that can only come in the letting go. It is a maturity that separates the enmeshed into two separate beings.
Interdependence can only be obtained when we have successfully became independent.
Then interdependence

The Old Cupboard Door said...

You have such a wonderfully inspiring blog! Thanks so much. It sounds like the prophecy over you has/is coming to pass. Isn't the Lord awesome!


Mary said...

Denise, this is a powerful post and one that I needed tonight. Thank you. God must have spoken to you in order to send me a message. Yes, you are my messenger this evening.

It is definitely hard to let go and I have two reasons that I must try to hang on. I think you know them. Thanks again for the prayers, my friend.


Jackie said...

Wow Denise......This post was just for me! I was so busy last week and out of town over the weekend and promised my hubby that I wouldn't look at my blog until today.......Even though you posted this last week He meant it for me today!! His timing is always awesome and perfect!!!

Thanks so much for sharing!!

Sweet Blessings!

Diego said...

Interesting to see how these comments are most made by women. On many aspects, men are unable to EXPRESS these sorts of things, yet we have also been hurt plenty. But society and daily routines characterizes men as TOUGH and we feel the need to live by that standard and although its good, it can hinder us from coming to terms with our own hurts and pains....Thankfully, when we come to God sincerely, we can let it all out in the open....and in that process I fall. I ask for all of your prayers as I allow God to take away and DETACH from me those things that were never mine to begin with......When they leave you let them 1st John 2:19....not 9. yes MUCH HARDER DONE THAN SAID, but IN GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE

Donetta said...

love you!

Tammy said...

Stopped by and now I know why. Great Post!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I just finished his book The Memory Quilt...m.

Mississippi Songbird said...

Just stopping by to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! God bless you and your family..

JC said...

LOVE THIS POST! I'm reading it just when I need it. Thanks! Oh, and thanks for the lovely wedding card. It is so sweet for you to take time to send it. You are special to me.

Vicki said...

Oh Denise, I am cleaning heart and home, too! How about that? So much junk just needs to GO...2010 will be a freeing year! I got a lot of good stuff from your post here (and enjoying the Halleluiah Chorus - amen!). Will visit via email soon...thanks for being such a dear friend to me...and many! You are loved and cherished. Merry Christmas!

The Urban Chic said...

Denise, I just found your blog through Deena's blog "Can I be Pretty in Pink" and I think I just found my twin. Your post sounds so much like my life and I am so glad to get some affirmation about what I am going through also. I think today you have given me a gift from God. I do have at least one book of J.D. Takes. Although I don't have time to clean out that will be a great New Year's Resolution. Thank you for the Gift of Loving myself today. Have a Blessed and Joyous Christmas, Pat

Stephanie said...

Merry Christmas! May you know His nearness this Christmas season.


CaitlynTremblay said...

hello~nice to meet u..............................

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Denise,
I found your blog while visiting with Maxine. I enjoyed reading your post . I too posted on some of life's lessons that have helped me through 2009. Happy New, I believe the best is yet to come.

Aloha Lorie

Just Playin' said...

I release and I let go....I let the Spirit run my that song and your post. Stick with it.

Anonymous said...


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