Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday Blues

.... Just a short post tonight... I am a bit under the weather... Tried to help hubby yesterday paint and clean a house that we are trying to get on the market, but had to come home. Seems that this happens every year. Last year I was in the ER on Christmas day... I have a tendency to over do as most of you I am sure.. I need to learn to slow down and give myself some time off. That is what I did today. Sat in my comfy chair and read a book and napped and worked on my blog a bit. Tonight I am sinking fast and will head to bed here pretty quick.

..... I am reading the best book called "Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller. It is an amazing book. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry because of the brutal truth. He has such a way of sharing his conversion from sinful man to being redeemed. If you get a chance to read it do so, but it is not your typical "christian" read.

.... I have created a new blog for my weight loss journal. It is not quite finished but I will post a link when it is ready. I wanted something for myself mostly. A journal to keep me on track but you will be free to read it off an on as you please. I need to loose 59 lbs and now it is health related and not my vanity.... I created the blog a few weeks back before I realized that I could create more than one blog with the same email address .... Thus it has a different account log in and password..... bummer.......... If anyone knows how to link it to this one I would appreciate the help...
..... I had an experience with the Lord the day before Thanksgiving and I am going to post that tomorrow.. I have it started but not finished....... I am anxious to share it with you..

Be blessed


Anonymous said...

i think you would really enjoy the new book Brown Like Coffee at

Anonymous said...

Yes, please do look after your health. I am sorry I can't help you with linking your other blog to here other than through Customize and adding a link that way. Let me know when your blog is up and I'll give that a read too.

Mary said...


Women have a tendency to put their health aside in order to take care of others. I do the same thing. I also need to lose a few pounds. Keeping a journal for yourself and friends to read is a great idea. That way we feel more accountable. I will encourage you on your way to your weight loss goal.

BTW, I've sent you an email about your Samaritan woman.

Have a great day.