Friday, November 16, 2007

Just Pray

Had to put Dad in hospital early this morning.... so I most likely will be gone a few days... My problem is I cannot leave Mom here alone so I cannot go to hospital much......... I would appreciate your prayers for Dad....... (check out his blog) He is so talented ... He seems to be fine but they are just keeping him a couple of days to make sure... Had trouble with his right leg going to sleep this morning so we decided to make sure that he was not having another stroke... CT scan was clear so that is good news............ Well got to go... You ladies have a great weekend...

Be blessed


joey said...

Prayers are flowing for your dear father ... a joy to meet though his tender words and your devoted care.

MelanieJoy said...

I will be praying for you all....

Mary said...


My prayers are with you and your family and especially with your father. I visited his blog and he writes some pretty mean poetry about times gone by. I enjoyed my visit there and hope that he is soon blogging again.


Anonymous said...

Okay, so now I see where you get your talent from. I hope your dad is feeling better. How are you doing?

Dee said...

Prayers & ((( hugs ))) - sorry I haven't been here. Somehow I bookmarked your blog in another file and have missed it. Just realized that I haven't been here when I saw your comments on my blog.

Hope & pray that all is well w/ your dad. And I'll pray for you as you're split between caring for your mom & dad. It's nice that they're together (even though they're apart right now -- that must be tough for them). Looking after them is a wonderful thing, even though it's a difficult thing. D

Anonymous said...

Hi Denise,

I was just wondering how your dad is doing. I hope he's feeling better than they let him go home so he can write some more beautiful poetry. Let us know when you can, okay? thanks!

Old Folks Blog said...

This is Dad and my thanks goes out to all of you for your orayers and concern.
I am back home as all test came back negative and all is well.
I love my daughter Denise very much,she and her husband are a real blessing to my wife and I.They have furnished us with a nice home and all the tender love and care a person needs We are very blessed and thank the Lord for them every day.
Thanks again for the prayers.