Monday, March 18, 2013

Just As Judas

       When we as followers of Christ and believers in the blood that HE shed, see the story of Judas we have a tendency to feel great animosity toward him and what he did. He betrayed Christ with a kiss and handed HIM over to the people that then hung HIM on the cross. But what he did in actual fact was fulfill the prophecy which brought about the salvation of our souls and the gift of eternal life with Christ.

    Howbeit he is not the antichrist (I do not believe he is smart enough) he is the puppet on a string that is being used to bring that man who ever he might be on the the stage of history. The one true God is the puppeteer and barack hussein obama is only small part of that plan and he will as did Judas disappear into the dust of the earth. We are seeing the stage set for the Revelation of Jesus Christ and we are not to look to the Republican party or the Democratic party or any other human being alive and walking this earth to set us free from the evil that is descending upon us.

     We are to look toward the one true God that has a master plan and we are a chosen generation that is watching that plan unfold. So when we want to look upon bho lets try to remember that he is bringing us the the exact place that we want to be........... alive in Christ and ruling and reigning with HIM for an eternity. bho is to be pitied.

 We are the victors here, we are the ones that win. All people of the earth will bow at the feet of Jesus Christ including every muslim that is alive at HIS coming... Now can you look at him (bho) in a different light?