Saturday, November 3, 2012

Are We Winking At Sin?

I said a long time ago that I would not bring politics into my blog but I am going to have to go back on that. This is NOT about politics it is about standards that we are expected to uphold. Not my standards, but the standards given us in the word of God. This is what I posted this morning on FB... I want to share it here....  God does not wink at sin  and if we are foolish enough to think that the sin which is running rampant in this nation will go unpunished then we need to think again.
    God is love yes, but HE is also just. Once we as an individual and as a nation know the difference between right and wrong then we are held accountable. If we think that the Father God is not watching and knows our heart and sees our vote then we are mistaken and we need to get into our bible and read.
   We as the body of Christ are responsible and accountable to HIM for how we vote. Many would say that this is not about Christianity or the cause of Christ but they would be terribly wrong. I am not voting my wallet or my thoughts of foreign policy, but both of which is in need of a strong and decisive man, but I am voting "as unto the Lord'.     I want to be able to stand before my Father God with without the blood of innocent babies on my hands or the knowledge that I voted for a man that tramples under his feet the sacred institution of marriage between a man and a woman. Now you are free to judge me and many will do so, but I would much rather be judged by you than a merciful BUT JUST God.
    A vote for obama is a vote for all that is wrong and sinful in our nation. You decide.

This is a wonderful article that I found in Charisma today..take time to read it!