Friday, October 30, 2009


I read on FB this morning about ministry. It reminded me of this post that I wrote over a year ago. I thought it worth posting again......... Ministry........ right in front of my nose..


...........My ministry. I spent years looking for and waiting for my ministry. Many years ago when I was first born-again there was a powerful woman of God that prophesied over me. I will never forget that day and her words resound in my mind on many occasions. I would teach and preach and minister to wounded women. I would be an instrument of God to touch women of no self worth.

......... I think it was the next day that I began looking for that ministry. I studied for hours and hours. I listened with a hungry heart to every word that came out of the mouth of many ministers on TV and in my local church. Years went by and nothing. I cried, I prayed, I begged for God to "bring me into my ministry" I have a passion that burns within me today for the wounded woman but try as I might I could not find my"niche".

........... The years have come and gone and I have gone through very dark times since then and I have gone through many mountain top experiences. I cannot tell you when I came to an understanding of "my ministry" but thankfully I did. When I was first saved I was a mess and I would have been no help to anyone. There were things that the Lord and I had to work through before I could see Him clearly. I had a distorted view of all things of the Lord but knew that He lived within me and I so wanted to know the truth. I studied.

... Over the years I have been a preacher, a teacher, a leader of many women's groups. I have spoke in front of many and I have spoke in front of few. I have laid hands and anointed with oil and seen God heal. I can tell you that I am in my element when I am standing in front of groups of people large or small. But......... (you knew there was a but coming)

....I have learned over the years that our ministry is not in billboard neon signs. We are not all Joyce Myers' or Kenneth Copeland's. If you study the life of Christ you will see His ministry.

.... He moved through His world never staying still in one spot. His world was small compared to ours but He moved through His world with compassion for the few and compassion for the many. His ministry was to minister to the needs before Him whether it be healing or hunger. He was a healer when healing was needed, He was a teacher when it was called for, He was a provider when the people were hungry. He encouraged when people needed to be encouraged. He was all things to all men. That was who He was and that was His ministry. When He was 12 and found in the temple teaching His words to His mother were "I must be about my Fathers business" What is the business of the Father? It is people.

........ I was set free many years ago when He taught me that today I may need to just encourage someone. Tomorrow I may need lay hands on someone and pray the prayer of faith for their healing. If I come upon someone in need of food I will be called on to give "bread'. That is my ministry, and when I open my ears to His voice and keep my heart obedient to His calling then I find my self slap dab in the middle of a ministry that touches lives on a daily basis. Whether it be here in the blog or if it be on the streets of my small town. When I remain obedient to His voice I am walking in the middle of His will for my life. What a sense of freedom it bring to my heart and spirit man as I lay down at night. For me it is the understanding that when the sun comes up the following morning I need do nothing but walk in my world and be obedient and wait with much anticipation for what He will ask me to do today.

.........My ministry is obedience to His voice.......... He is in charge of the outcome.