Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My New Look

Just wanted to brag a bit about my new look! Did she do a good job or what! I will only be posting here a couple of times a month with my devotionals. The other blog is for the "life at my house" stuff......... I really do like this design and the lady at the well with Jesus is one of my brother Paul's art work. He created that for me to match the statue that I was given by Tisha my cousin. Sooooooo I just wanted you to see the "new do."

Devotional will be posted in a day or two........ in the mean time go over and think about signing up for my Pay It Forward. I have one lady and I need three more! You will not be disappointed in what I send......... I promise!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Problems At My House

If you have tried to go to my other blog you have found that it is a MESS!!!!!!!!! Seems that the three column template that I have is having problems on Photobucket! I cannot fix it as I have no idea how to load a three column template without loosing all my 'stuff" soooooooooooo I will just sit patiently and see if she can get it fixed today!

Have a wonderful day girls........... I will be around to post tonight (if it is fixed) and my new Samaritan Women is just about finished! It is sooooooooooooooo beautiful ! I am anxious for you to see...........

Hey girls, I have gotten some email saying that this blog is fine and it does not seem to be in a mess....... YEP but take a look at the other one!

Life At My House Now that is a mess!