Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just a Few More Days

Ran into major problems in my shop Tuesday, Wednesday and today! Bummer .... So my schedule for closing was moved till tomorrow or maybe Monday. Job to finish and the machine decided to eat two shirts! Now I have to reorder and sew them out and deliver them Monday afternoon........... BUT that is ok, as my steps are directed of the Lord!

I will be back this weekend with some fun pictures over on my other blog! I have a devotional started for this one but that will be middle of the week..............

I have found poison ivy somewhere and it is now on the inside of both arms, on my right side, on top of my left hand, on my upper lip and under the bottom of my right boob! Dr has put me on steroids and I am wired to the gill!

hahhahahha Who knows where it came from? I don't..... I can catch it if the wind blows!

Thanks for the sweet emails and comments........... I AM LOVED !

Love ya's and see you this weekend over on the other blog!

Life At My House

Sunday, May 24, 2009

*Back to the Blog

Hey girls, I have gotten several email wanting to know when I was coming back...... Well I will be back the middle of this next week. I have a few things to finish in my shop and then I am closing the doors. I have been busy with other things and talking to the Lord a lot. I will share a bunch with you here and some fun things over at the other blog.

I have missed you EACH and every one and those of you that have kept in touch via email, you have blessed my heart.

I have had such withdrawals from my blog..... I am amazed at how addicted I have become to all of you.............

Love ya and see you Wednesday or Thursday.........