Monday, December 7, 2009

Mashed Potatoes and KFC

The world and those that abide there load us down with a plethora of burdens.
If we allow those things to remain on our shoulders it will alter our focus from the Father and our vision will blur.

The Mashed Potatoes Story...

It was a warm summer evening and the boys were off doing their thing with their friends.I was living in Sand Springs, Oklahoma just north west of Tulsa a few miles. It was the year 1983.

I was so restless this particular evening as usual and the apartment was closing in on me. With keys in hand I headed out the door with no particular destination.

Now I have to confess right here that one of my passions is KFC and their mashed potatoes and gravy. I LOVE that stuff! (I have long since refrained from eating much of it as my 62 year old stomach does not digest it as well as once did.)

I ended up that night at the drive through window of KFC and with my extra crispy white meat chicken and my medium tub of mashed potatoes and gravy I proceeded to destinations unknown.

I had not gone far when the tears began to flow, they always did, it was a regular happening in my life. I was in crisis AGAIN.

I was alone again with another set of divorce papers to paper the walls of my heart. He had left many months before and with the fog of the heartache still clouding my mind I was not able to focus my spirit man to the ONE that could heal my pain, or so that was my thought.

Thus I drove, ate KFC/with mashed potatoes and gravy and cried. Have you EVER tried to do that? What a mess. You get grease on the steering wheel and mashed potatoes on your blouse and most likely in your lap! I so wish I had a picture of me that night, I so wish.

At the time of this crisis I was the Y adviser (young women s group from the ages of 16-college or marriage age.) on Wednesday night of an Assembly of God where I attended, I was the assistant singles Sunday school teacher. I was very involved as one of the leaders of the church and I was FALLING apart!

I would learn what might be the greatest revelation of God that night. Let me continue.

As I drove and cried and ate I found myself headed toward a small town where my pastor James and his wife Gracie lived. They were the most influential people in my life at that time and their ministry in that church enabled me to lay a foundation that is sure and steadfast to this day. I am eternally grateful to them and will forever be.
Sitting in their driveway that night, engine running, lights off pondering if I should actually let them see me in this state. After all I was one of his leaders. I was a teacher for goodness sake. Teachers did not crumble, do they and I was crumbling!

With chicken bucket set off to the side and a quick clean up of face and blouse (as best as I could) I found the courage to ring the door bell.

Now you need to understand that even though they were my mentors they were also good friends with whom I spent much time with out of church. Gracie was a hoot and I so loved to run with her out and about shopping. We laughed a lot. I say that so that you will understand the relationship between us so they were not totally blown away when they answered the door. They knew my personality and they knew my passion and they knew my struggle.

As I went in and sat on the couch, Gracie offered me a wet wash rag so that I might put out an effort to compose myself. Not a word was spoken. I do not know how long we sat there. They sitting across from me and me looking off into space filled with such pain.

Then I began. The flood gates opened and my heart poured forth my fears and my heartache and the absence of my hope and the sorrow for even being at their home in the dark of night.
I without hesitation shared with my pastors that I must be the weakest person they had ever known. I could not find myself and all I could do night after night after long endless nights lay on the floor before a might God and beg for help.

I had no intestinal fortitude and I could not deal with the pain and disappointment. I was worthless as a teacher of anyone let alone young women of such influential mentality. I offered to them my resignation and pleaded with them to forgive me for my weakness.

I remember just a few things spoken from that night and one of them was that I thought at I was much stronger than that and how disappointed that I was in such disarray.
During this entire dissertation they spoke not a word. I finished my rant and we all sat silent.

God moved in such a mighty way in the next 60 seconds that my tears subsided and my spirit man was renewed and all my fears were ceased and I knew that I knew that I had heard from God. That quick, that easy and that profound!

James D___ sat forward in his chair and looked at me and he said " Why in the world do you think that you are not doing EXACTLY what is require of you to be the leader that the Lord wants you to be? Why in the world do you think that laying on your face night after night after long night is a sign of weakness and not strength? Why in the world do you think for one minute that I would be disappointed in a child of God that knows where her strength really lies? "

And he sat back in his chair and watched as I processed what he had just said to me.

We sat and talked for another hour before I left their home and headed to mine. The drive home was much different as the drive there. I was able to finish my chicken without the taste of salty tears.


Matthew 11: 28- 30 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

How arrogant are we as flesh and blood humans to think that we can take on the weight of our world and not buckle under the pressure. Why in the world do you think that Jesus told us that HIS yoke was easy and HE offers that to us today.

It is ONLY when we take on our burdens and carry them and take the I from HIM and insert that I into me that we get into so much trouble.

I learned something that night that has stayed with me and is embedded in my spirit. It is a truth that sets me free and keeps me free if I will but apply it.

My strength is never greater than when I am on my face before the face of the Father.
Today we rest in Christ and we cast our cares on HIM. He is able to carry those things that weight us down. What ever crosses our path from the darkness of the world it is intended to lead us from the truth of HIS word.

Calvary bore the weight of YOUR world. HE does not intend you to carry that load.
HE speaks to you "My yoke is easy." Put down those things that causes us to bow to the ground under the load take HIS yoke........


Be blessed this day and give HIM your burden.



The Old Cupboard Door said...

Denise, your story is a story many Christian women can call their own. The place and setting might be different but trying to carry the weight of the world is certainly common among us. Thanks for the reminder that we need to give it to Him. The rest He gives us, well, it's beautifully refreshing.

Joyful Blessings

Mary said...

Denise, a powerful testimony in this post. Thank you for sharing your pain, your renewed hope and your faith in God.


Sharon said...

What a well written and honest post Denise!Simply beautiful!!:)Love you girlfriend.:)~Sharon

Stephanie said...

"How arrogant are we as flesh and blood humans to think that we can take on the weight of our world and not buckle under the pressure."... you wrote. I so easily do this and am learning (slowly) to release and surrender the burdens to Him that has much bigger shoulders than I do. Thanks for your thoughtful post.

Love Bears All Things said...

Bless you, dear one. What a testimony. May it change someone's heart.
Mama Bear

SweetAnnee said...

blessings to you and thanks for caring about me!!

Sharon Brumfield said...

You know I have been that one sitting on my former pastors couch. And when I is always a ugly thing. But sometimes you just have to be willing to go there because nothing is going to stop the storm.
You know I needed this.
Yesterday while in a ball of tears...face to the back of the couch...wishing the world would just go away or swallow me whole......I began to feel Him.
The Prince of peace was there.
And then today happened.....goodness this ride is bumpy.
But I am so thankful for I need sisters like you walking through this with me.
Love ya girl!
THank you for giving.

Donetta said...

:) yep
it is often the ease of that yoke that is so strange in this world that we live in.
I have peace, let go of my sister and am good. grieved for only the living. rejoice for the ones gone one before me.

for the living!

my grief they had no business with
remember the child healed...why do you weep she is not dead as you suppose.

let the dead bury their dead.
follow me.

Karen said...

Precious sister...I needed this tonight...chill bumps and tears going on right now...thank you, Lord!

Just Playin' said...

Nice sharing. We all have those dark, confusing times....and the angels that lift us up are just that...angels.

Terra said...

This is a powerful story that you wrote and the support that you found.
I saw you are writing a book, and I am writing my second book, so hello, fellow writer.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, yes I did need this to remind me once more!! Love you ((hug)) I will be FIRST in line for your book!!!!

Joyce said...

LOVE me some KFC.....this story of about literally "Cry in your bucket of Chicken."

I think God is awesome. And isn't always amazing how the craziest things work out to be the most beautiful tapestries with Him?

Thank you for your sweet story and for sharing your memory with us all, because as you do...we all reflect on our own "crying in our chicken" memory.
Because we all have one.

Be blessed Denise!

Abiding said...


Annette said...

I don't cry so much over this home of mine, I just get to the point of feeling numb, some things I can't even cry over any more, just numb...
so I admire you for posting this post!


Hugs to you my sister

Jackie said...

Great post.....your heart thoughts always bless and encourage me!!

Denise, stop by my place I have something for you!

Sweet Blessings!

Lisa Buffaloe said...

Beautiful and encouraging post!! Thank you, Denise.

Joyce said...

Thank you so much for your words. Yes, I love KFC and everything in the store. I have learned as you the meaning of the yoke and know that God is ever with me even when I don't feel Him. You should write a book.

Love and Hugs,

Rose said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your kind words touched my heart and I appreciate the prayers very much. It was so kind of you. Blessings, Rose

Anonymous said...

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Sandra said...

I saw your comment on Nana's reflections and came over. Loved the story and loved seeing what you learned and taught others by blogging this.

I'll be back to read more.

Jackie said...

Hey Denise!!

Just dropped in to say hello and let you know that I've been thinking about ya!

Sweet Blessings!

Lea said...

I'm so thankful for your transparency and you can't imagine what I've learned and also been reminded here today.
Hope you're all okay. I've been tryin to find Ada on my weather map. I'm praying for yall.
Holykisses xoxo

A Joyful Chaos said...

What a beautiful heart touching post. Thanks for sharing.

Yarni Gras! said...

that is such a beautiful, touching story. I must say that I can envision you eating that KFC while must have been a heart breaking moment for you.

Anonymous said...

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