Friday, May 1, 2009

A time for Weeping...... But then GREAT Joy!

Thou hast kept count of my tossings; put thou my tears in thy bottle! Are they not in thy book? Then my enemies will be turned back in the day when I call. This I know, that God is for me. In God, whose word I praise, in the Lord, whose word I praise, in God I trust without a fear. What can man do to me?

Psalm 56:8-11

The Revised Standard Version

Life knocks us around does it not! BUT HE is faithful to see us when we sob without words and tears fall to fast to control and out of our spirit man comes our groaning that only HE understands and those tears precious to HIM are bottled up.

Even in our utter sorrow with grief that cannot be spoken HE understands.

What a God we serve and what a God that all men need.

Lift up your head oh ye people of God and rejoice for sorrow is just for a short time then there will be much joy in the morning.

Morning will come and morning is soon!


Tragedy here in our extended family. Diane, the sweet gal that often cuts mom and dads hair, has lost her oldest son in a motorcycle accident last night. Diane is the sister in law to my sweet sister in law Alpha. I have met and laughed with Diane's son Michael several times while in the beauty shop. He has left a 13 year old son that also lost his mother one year ago.

Diane is broken and in need of prayer...... She is strong in the Lord, but life sometimes is just too hard to bear. Pray for Diane and that precious 13 year old young man that now is without mother or father. Diane is a wonderful grandmother to him and he lives just across the street from her beauty salon. He will be very very well cared for and very very loved.

In Christ



Joyce said...

So sorry to hear about the man in the motorcycle accident. I hate things like that. Life is so short it seems and over so "unexpectedly" many times.

I do love that scripture's such a comfort to me to know that God bottles my tears. He cares that much about me.
Amazing isn't it??

Good to hear from you.......are you all in the pool yet....we are chomping at the bits....but not in yet. Ugh. Can't wait!!! It was SOOOOO hot here yesterday we were sweating even. Blah.

Ya'll hang in there....

Shirley said...

So, so sorry to hear....that poor mother....I can't imagine how hard it would be to lose a child to death....I've always I would go before my children or grandchildren would be just oh so unbearable for me....I'm sure the grandson will be loved and cared for....but it will be so hard for him to be without his prayers will be for them both.

Yes, my friend....there will be joy in the morning.

Hugs to you.

Daria said...

How sad ... life can be so difficult.

I will pray for relief.

Annette said...

And I thought my troubles where bad...that poor lady and that poor little boy, Thank goodness he's got a grandmother that will be able to take care of him, and a lovely heavenly father as well, God is good to the little children...what saddens me is the sorrow he must be feeling. I will left him and your friend up in prayer. When I read the verse I cried, before even reading the rest of your post, and yes, when morning comes there WILL be GREAT JOY!

Love Bears All Things said...

I just listened to "you raise me up" by Josh Groban. We do not understand the reason for this. All we can do is lean on God for strength. He will deliver us from the storm.
Love you,
Mama Bear

Tracy said...

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of this young father, son, and friend of all of yours. I shall be saying a prayer.


Denise said...

So sad, I will be praying.

Karen said...

I have always loved that passage of scripture in sorry for the loss...will pray for that family now.

I always was blessed by the old song that said:

Hold on my child,
Joy comes in the morning!
Weeping only lasts for the night.
The darkest hour means dawn is just in sight.

Diane said...

Denise, So sorry for the woman who cuts your folk's hair and for her grandson. My prayers go out to them.

Sharon Brumfield said...

Awww girl..this world sure hurts doesn't it?
I will pray for this young man and the grandmother...what pain.
I am glad they have you there.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Denise, you know my heart is breaking for Diane and that 13 year old child who is now without both of his parents. I know Diane's pain and can only think that that young man's pain is so deep. I pray that God guides their hearts and through Him they find peace. If ever Diane wishes to talk to someone, please feel free to give my information to her. I so know her pain and trials at this moment.

with love,

Mary said...


I am so sorry that Diane lost her son and that his son is therefore left an orphan. I am so glad that he still has Diane. This young man certainly needs special pray, as does Diane.

To answer your question, yes, tulip bulbs are planted in the fall, as are most bulbs...daffodils, hyacinths etc.


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

This is so sad!! Thank -you so much for sharing this so we can pray for them .

Have a Blessed weekend my friend...m.

Oh Sew Good said...

There's just way too much heartache sometimes. I'm sorry to hear about all the losses experienced with this accident.

Deb said...

That family will be in my prayers. I pray Heavenly Father to show Yourself true to this young boy as his Father now, who will care for him, and fill, him with Your peace and comfort. In Jesus name Amen.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I am so sorry to hear this, Denise! We just never know, do we, when we will be called Home! I, too, love that passage of Scripture. I wonder how many bottles are on my shelf in Heaven??? I always have this picture in my mind that Christ Himself is kneeling in front of me with His hands cupped, catching my tears as they fall. Somehow, that just comforts me to no end!


PEA said...

A parent should never have to experience losing a heart goes out to your friend Diane, as well as her grandson who has now lost both parents. So very sad!! My prayers are with them as well. xoxo

MelanieJoy said...

When never know...this is so sad...
know I'll be praying for the hurting family....

valerie said...

That is so sad Denise.
I will keep Diane and her little grandson in my prayers. Bless his heart. I can't even imagine.

I know you will be able to encourage her in the days to come.

Thanks for sharing this with us.


Donetta said...

Standing for him and for his loving grand Mother. That boy is going to need a lot of support. He will become a strong and wise young man when this is lightened into the glory of purpose in the divine even if it was the thief. HE will be glorified in this young mans life.