Saturday, May 2, 2009

Prayer Request and Blog-Give-A-Way

Most you my friends will remember this beautiful face. Sandy Jackson. She is the daughter of my sister......... She is as beautiful on the inside as she is the outside . She gave birth to a beautiful son 6 months ago now and during that birth they discovered she has a hole in her heart. They needed to wait till she recovered from the C section before doing another surgery. Well it has been long enough and Monday morning in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania she will have open heart surgery to repair that hole.
Kathy (my sister) flew to Pennsylvania this morning, headed to her daughter. The Doctors are all very reassuring that she will be just fine but I cannot even begin to imagine what is going through my sisters mind and what now is going through Sandy's mind as she has a beautiful son and daughter and a precious husband at home waiting.

Please pray for God to guide the hand of the surgeon and please pray that the Father God will hover over her like a hen hovers over her chicks........ Wings of the angels spread over that table where she lays with the protection of all that heaven has......... ..
Matthew 23:37

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, [thou] that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under [her] wings, and ye would not!

Just thought I would put that scripture there so you would know I am not crazy!

Sandy....... a beautiful soul and a precious niece.


Now for the Blog Give-A-Way........ Thanks for all the sweet comments........ I wish I had a pillow for each one of you............. But without further ado...............

I used and out of 33 comments it PICKED........

# 7

and the winner of that cute little pillow is ............... Shirley at MaMa's Place.
Go by and tell her congrats...... She is such a sweet person.........

I will post again tomorrow about my blog break........ there are a few things I want to chat about before I go............... Hugs................


Sharon Brumfield said...

Congrats to the winner! I know she will treasure her cute little pillow.
And I will be praying about the upcoming surgery. I thank God for the wisdom He is already giving the doctors and the strength He will give their hands.
Love ya girl...praying

Anonymous said...

Yes congrats on the beautiful pillow I hope you love it as much as I love mine:) Denise I will be in prayer for her, and I love that Scripture!!! praise God!
i love your new look, so I went and checked it out and got a new look for me too:)

Janera said...

I'm praying for her Denise!

The French Bear said...

When it seems like we have hard times, you always hear about others who may have a worse situation then us. Makes us humble, and remember we aren't alone, are we?
Your niece and family are in my prayers, you always have such sweet blessings for me!!
Thank you for your love and friendship!!!
Margaret B

Mary said...


Let's pray together for Sandy right now.

Father, we lift up Sandy to You and ask that You watch over her and guide the surgeon's hands as he repairs the hole in Your child's heart. We ask that Your angels administer to her as she undergoes the surgery and that the operation is a success.

Give peace to her Aunt Denise and her mother as they await news of the surgery. Keep your hand on everyone concerned, Father. We ask this all in the name of Your Son, Jesus. Amen.

I will also remember her as I'm saying my prayers tonight. Please keep us updated.


Denise said...

Congrats to the winner. I will be praying for dear Sandy. I love you my friend.

Diane said...

Denise, I just said a prayer for Sandy and for all who are in her life. Bless you, too.

Annette said...

There is a Doctor at work and before each and every surgery he prays! I once heard a family Thanking him for saving their loved one and his responce to them was "God guides my hand and the angels are in my OR room" and all I did was get all teary eyed, so yes God does guide the surgeon hands, I BELIEVE that 100 % but I will pray and claim that the hole in this angels heart is closed, so then its an open and close case, or that it is smaller, but I'm claiming my first choice, please let us know of the time and date once more so ALL of us can stop what where doing and pray at once, God will hear beautiful voices all at once that day, got the chills going here! God is AWESOME!!!!!!!
Love to you~

Tracy said...

Your niece will be in my prayers.

Denise you will be missed.

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Praying for your sweet niece! And that her surgery will go great and the surgeons will know exactly what to do!


Shirley said...

Denise, my heart is so touched. As a mother...I can imagine what her's must be going through...and your dear neice...who has a little one of her glad that she is one of God's...I pray God give her comfort...assurance and peace about the surgery...I will put her on our church's prayer list also.

I can't believe that I won that pillow...when I saw it...I fell in love with it but had no idea that I might win it...that must have been God's plan...that is all I can say about that...Denise you are my most precious friend...If we never meet here in this life...I will meet you in Heaven...where I can give you a real hug...words just can express what you have meant to me in this blogland that I have come to love. Thank you so, so much.

Hugs to you, my special friend.

MelanieJoy said...

I'll be praying for your niece too. Take care and talk to you soon.

Jermaine said...

In our family, it was the reverse with my sister's baby son born with a transposition of the great vessels of his heart. Baby or mother, these are the times that test our faith and allow God to show us his infinite wisdom and love. Interestingly enough, when the baby was 2 days old, they actually constructed a hole in his heart to keep him alive until open heart surgery could be done at a later time. I am thankful to tell you that he is now 27 years old ~ 6'3", strong and healthy. God answers prayers. I will hold your sweet niece and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Jensmere said...

Will certainly remember your neice. God hears and He will answer...

Be blessed!